Derek HermanJanuary 03, 2018
Topics: Recruiter Experience

LinkedIn Tips & Tricks for Recruiters & Job Seekers

I check my LinkedIn more often than I check my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles. I stay up-to-date on industry news and trends. I’m informed with my colleague’s promotions, projects, and job changes. I can pose questions, ideas, and post articles in others’ newsfeeds. It’s the professional network I feel most productive using.

I’m a massive advocate for it but like all social media practices, there’s an etiquette to using it properly.

There are a few tips for recruiters and job seekers alike on the best ways to use the platform and ways not to.


  1. In addition to posting your jobs on LinkedIn, promote them on your newsfeed and in groups to maximize reach.
  2. Connect with all candidates you’re screening. Those who don’t receive an offer now could make a better fit for your next role.
  3. Interact with passive job seekers for future openings. On average, 85% of LinkedIn’s database are open to hearing about new opportunities from recruiters even if they might be mostly satisfied with their current employer.
  4. Like, share, and comment on your network’s posts. This is social media after all. Interact with them.

Job Seekers

  1. Make sure your profile is complete. Profiles that don’t have a full scope of work experience and educational background, fall flat. It’s a disservice to your search as recruiters can’t get the full picture and whether you’re a fit for the company or role they’re filling.
  2. Keep your LinkedIn consistent with your resume. Use your profile to elaborate more on your experience that your one sided, one-page resume cannot. Include links to work samples and a summary of your expertise.
  3. Give and ask for recommendations. These are the endorsements your network can speak to about their experience working with you.
  4. Increase visibility to your LinkedIn in “Settings & Privacy” so that the public can see your profile the way you want them to and under “Job Seeking” let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities so they can reach out.

Do Nots

  1. Connect with everyone and anyone. Your LinkedIn network is your professional network. If you have common connections and interests and believe you can each add value to one another’s pool, request them but add a note explaining why you’re connecting.
  2. Incessantly reach out with job postings or business inquiries. Inmail is a valuable tool but if you keep sending the same self-promotional messages, you’re going to get blocked.
  3. Treat LinkedIn like informal social media. Pictures of Fluffy and what you had for dinner do not belong on LinkedIn.

Rule of thumb: Freely post what interests you but keep in mind that your coworkers, managers, and future colleagues will see your posts. Everything you do and the people you connect with will establish your personal and professional brand.

How else do you make the most of LinkedIn?

Derek Herman

Derek leads the Marketing Communications initiatives at Phenom People. He engages with Phenom customers to spotlight their stories in the media.

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