Kristina FinsethMarch 24, 2016
Topics: Candidate Experience

Mapping the candidate journey [Webinar]

Do you know how your candidates approach the job search? That is the candidate journey. Understanding your candidates' thought processes, interests and needs goes a long way towards being able to create the type of experience that attracts, engages and ultimately convinces top talent that your company is right for them.

Join Phenom People CEO Mahe Bayireddi and VP of Client Services Ed Newman for our upcoming webinar - Mapping the candidate journey.

A candidate's journey is ultimately theirs to control, but there are ways that you can influence it. The best way to understand how you can attract and hire top talent is to walk a mile in their shoes.

Exploring how candidates approach their job search and learning how you can position your career site and related talent acquisition efforts to gain their attention and trust gives you increased ability to win them over.

We will be discussing how to map your candidate journey in order to optimize the experience candidates have as they search for jobs and research your company.

This webinar will cover the following topics:
  • What exactly is the candidate journey?
  • The value of mapping the journey
  • Understanding how candidates interact with your company at different stages
  • Identifying areas that interrupt or cause candidate dissatisfaction
  • Best practices and tips for optimizing the candidate journey

Don't forget to register, even if you can't attend the live webinar, you will gain access to the recording and presentation after the session as well.

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