Master the Talent Experience—Get Phenom TXM Certified

Chelsea Eaton

SaaS products are constantly evolving. Because of this, employers need to be assured their employees have a full grasp of the functionality, while employees and power users alike want to prove their knowledge and receive recognition for their innovative usage of the product. One of the best ways to solve these concerns? Two words: software certification.

And what does software certification have to do with Phenom People?

When we introduced the Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform a couple of months ago, we emphasized the importance of transforming the talent journey with the right technology. And now, we've launched the Phenom Talent Experience Management Certification program to help our customers do just that by maximizing our platform and learning industry best practices.

What Does it Mean to be Phenom Talent Experience Management Certified?

Software certification isn't new. In fact, companies like Salesforce and Microsoft have been offering certification for years. These virtual “badges of honor” come with many benefits—pay raises, promotions, leadership opportunities, and more.

Phenom joins the likes of many major software certifications by creating not one, but three comprehensive, persona-based learning paths. The learning paths consist of carefully curated courses that give customers the information they need to not only succeed on the certification exam but also in their day-to-day work. Along with teaching the fundamentals of the Phenom platform, the learning paths show customers how to best use the platform along with various other industry best practices.

“Persona-based learning is an extremely effective learning experience,” said Christine Kensey, Senior Director of Training at Phenom People. “Creating three separate certification tracks ensures the content is relevant and immediately applicable to a user’s role. This approach also takes into consideration the different skill sets and strengths of our users. Not everyone uses our platform the same.”

How to Get Phenom Talent Experience Management Certified

The three tracks encompass the main roles in the talent acquisition industry: Recruiter, Talent Marketer, and Power User.

Phenom People Certification Learning Paths


  • Recruiter - This learning path focuses on users who directly source candidates and fill talent pipelines. The questions focus on understanding the candidate experience and how to take advantage of all the features available in the CRM, such as searching, filtering, and accessing candidate information.

  • Talent Marketer - Talent marketing is the new frontier in talent acquisition. The Phenom platform encourages recruiters and team leads to recruit like marketers by using email campaigns, SMS, and our events tool to attract talent.

  • Power User - Whether you're responsible for both recruiting and talent marketing or you're in a leadership position and need to have a full mastery of the platform, consider becoming a Power User. This track covers content from both sourcing and marketing perspectives, along with more advanced administrative features such as adding users and configuring platform settings.

After you successfully complete each course in a certification learning path, you're prompted to cap it all off and earn your certification by taking and passing one of the three Phenom TXM certification exams. Each exam is tailored to the specific certification track to help measure and test what you've learned.

The three learning paths and exams are found in the Phenom Explorer Training Academy—a robust site filled with courses that cover every part of the Phenom People TXM platform—which is accessed through the Phenom User Community. If customers are interested in becoming Phenom Certified, they can log in to the Training Academy and self-enroll in any of the certification tracks.


After You Get Certified...

Spread the word!

After a user makes it official by passing the certification exam, Phenom gives certified users multiple ways to show off their achievement. First, you will get a certificate that you can proudly display. Then, you get a badge to include in your email signature. Plus, you can add your Phenom TXM Certification to your LinkedIn profile.

Phenom People Power User Certificate


Keep your credentials up-to-date

We didn’t design a one-and-done certification program. Because the Phenom TXM platform is constantly evolving, certified users must pass the certification exam yearly so they can stay up-to-date on all the latest features.


The Benefits of Being Phenom Certified

Here are just a few of the many perks of getting your Phenom TXM certification:

  • Maximize the Phenom platform. Not only do certified users learn how to utilize all the platform’s features, you’ll be able to think of new and ground-breaking ways to use the various tools.

  • Learn industry best practices. Our certification program doesn’t just teach how to use the Phenom platform, but why you should use it and how to best leverage it for your needs.

  • Empower emerging leaders. Those leading HR teams know that your champions do more than just stand out at your company. Put them in the center of your employee mentorship program and have incoming employees learn from someone who’s on the job.

  • Bring confidence to your organization. Leadership can rest assured that the HR technology they’re leveraging is being used regularly by employees who have a well-rounded knowledge of its functionality. Take it one step further by tracking the ROI on certified employees with thorough analytics.

  • Deliver recognition for your employees’ hard work. The confidence gained from a certification can boost work productivity and empower employees to innovate and work more strategically than ever.


If you’re a customer who’s interested in becoming Phenom Talent Experience Management Certified, find your learning path today.

Have questions about the program? Please contact your Success Manager!