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#MonthlyMashup - February 2016

Top articles for this month:

Here is a selection of our favorite articles and blogs for the month of February, handpicked by our Phenom People team.

1) How SAP says it helped neighbor Wawa boost retention

By reversing Wawa's go-slow approach to offer newly-hired workers more hours in their first weeks, SAP helped Wawa to reduce its 57% one-year quit rate for new hires. Wawa initially implemented a go-slow approach to make sure newly-hired workers were not overwhelmed, but data found "a strong negative correlation between turnover rate and the hours an employee worked."

The likelihood of newly-hired workers remaining on the job rose dramatically when they worked at least 23 hours a week.

2) Phenom People raises additional $1.6M from Boston investors

We celebrated an additional raise from Boston investors Sigma Prime. We hope to nearly double our staff and continue to grow the Philly-region sales and marketing staff. We're hiring!

3) I'm tired of hearing about the candidate experience

If you've bought into this idea that candidate experience is simply about caring about your candidates, you're wrong. Scott Weaver of ERE Media takes us on a journey to discover the true meaning of candidate experience. From meeting Gerry Crispin to applying for and winning a CandE award, Weaver explains that if you want candidate experience to really impact your recruiting and business functions, then caring alone will not get you there.

"The companies that are focusing on CX as their recruitment driver are beating the companies who don't. The organizations who strategize and build competencies around CX are beating you for talent. Caring is not enough."

4) A look at the world's most passionate recruiter: Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh proves that if you love what you do, you'll do anything to make it happen. Understanding the mindset and interests of targets will help you to adapt your approach accordingly. The best way to win over your ideal candidates is to appeal to their interests, rather than expecting them to appeal to yours.

5) 12 songs that speak to recruiters

Looking for the perfect illustration of the talent acquisition professional's daily struggle? Look no further than Adele's latest hit and 11 other songs that perfectly reflect how talent acquisition professionals commonly feel when recruiting top talent.

6) 50 most game-changing influencers in recruitment [also for IT recruiters]

Whether you're new to the recruiting game or you're an experienced talent acquisition professional, you should know these 50 game-changing influencers in recruitment. Follow these influencers to learn from the best in the business and help develop your own perfect recruiting process.

7) Your career site is your most important recruiting channel

The CandE research report from the Talent Board tells us that employers should make sure their career site is the best it can be. Why? Because after surveying over 100,000 candidates, they rated an employer's career site as the most valuable resource that candidates use when evaluating a potential employer.

8) Is blind hiring the best hiring?

Most companies say they want to attract a diverse workforce, but few can deliver. The solution may be a radical one - anonymity. Claire Cain Miller dives into hiring the perfect fit through anonymity. She also uncovers the many hiring trends and best practices stemming from the Silicon Valley.

9) 19 pictures that sum up how absolutely ridiculous it is finding a job

We know the job search can be confusing and often frustrating for both job seekers and recruiters. These 19 images sum up many of the common stresses and frustrations job seekers face throughout the job search. From resumé redundancy to tough application questions, it's not easy for job seekers to be inspired in their job search.

10) [Quiz] What's your recruiting super power?

Have you ever wondered what your recruiting super power is? Well now you can find out what aspect of recruiting you are supremely talented at by taking a quiz! The quiz was built to help you discover your recruiting super power as well as your super hero name.

Don't forget to share your favorite articles and blogs with us in the comments box below!

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