Kristina FinsethJuly 26, 2017
Topics: Recruiter Experience

Move Over, a New Recruiting Tool is in Town

As if Google Jobs wasn’t a big enough announcement to disrupt the recruiting industry, now there’s a new recruiting tool in town – Google Hire. Announced last week, Hire is a service provided by Google that enables organizations to seamlessly manage their recruiting process.

So, how is Google Hire going to impact the recruiting industry?

No more manual recruiting process. Since the product is made for organizations with less than a thousand employees, I foresee a lot of startups looking to implement Google Hire as an all-inclusive candidate tracking system or as an ATS and interview scheduling system. Unfortunately, not a lot of startup or early phase organizations invest in recruiting software right away, and tend to manually track candidate progress in another format, like Excel.

According to TechCrunch, “Hire offers businesses a cohesive applicant tracking service that’s deeply integrated with G Suite to make it easier for businesses to communicate with their candidates and track their progress through the interview process.”

If you use G Suite apps like Gmail and Google Calendar, you’ll like this. A lot more businesses are utilizing G Suite as their go-to communication and organization tool both internally and externally. Unfortunately, many recruiters end up having to copy-and-paste their email threads into their ATS, creating more time wasted on mundane tasks and increasing the margin of potential error.

With Google Hire, your emails through Gmail will automatically sync in both systems. If you’re looking to schedule interviews, you can easily access your hiring manager’s availability via their calendar. Schedule the interview, and automatically import details into your calendar invites to save time and decrease the margin of error.

They’ve already gained early adopter loyalty. Google doesn’t mess around. They didn’t just launch a half-ass product, and hope that it sticks. Instead, they spent more than a year piloting Google Hire with customers, working to iron out any kinks in the functionality, usability and overall user experience.

This means, we get a better product that’s already been extensively tested and early adopter tested and approved. Oh, and you can visit their site and see the testimonials for yourself.

Here’s a look at the key features. According to the Google Hire website, the key features include applicant tracking, recruiting team collaboration, candidate nurturing, and candidate discovery. It’s also no surprise that Hire is mobile responsive in design, so recruiting teams can access it and work from any mobile device.

Who can use it now? Good news if your organization is already a G Suite user. And, even better if your business is U.S.-based and you have less than a thousand employees, you can purchase Google Hire and start using it.

Although there are size and location limitations on who can use Google Hire now, I predict that those parameters will open up in the near future.

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