Nifty in Sixty: How to DIY a Recruitment Video | Phenom

Sasha Fedunchak

December 18, 2018

Candidates today expect a consumer-like experience throughout their journey. Because candidates want more content (and they want it fast) about a job and an organization before signing an offer letter, one of the most engaging ways to captivate their attention is through video.

Where many recruiters and talent teams get tripped up is the creation of a video that not only talks to the candidate, but actually looks and feels exciting. After all, the war for talent is on - and candidates expect HD experiences.

Video recruitment is about more than corporate videos that highlight the vision or company ping pong table. It's about selling the candidates on the perks and benefits of the role and culture in a visually stunning and emotional way.

According to HR Technologist, incorporating video into your recruitment strategy can:

  • Enhance engagement and "make the process more vibrant"
  • Produce impactful candidate experiences
  • Illustrate a "sense of newness, creativity, and collaboration-readiness"

So where do you begin? Do you need a comprehensive video recruitment strategy, fancy video equipment, or a hired videographer? No way! You can get started today with a smartphone and the right guidance.

Check out this 60-second video for a couple of our top tips from our very own visual designer, Marquis Maines, on what you should consider when filming and editing recruitment videos.

Nifty in Sixty by Marquis Maines

For more in-depth tips, download this one-pager

Nifty in sixty one pager


Do you use videos in your recruitment strategy? Share about your experience and results in the comments below!

Sasha Fedunchak