Tom TateNovember 15, 2020
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Phenom for Microsoft Teams: Hire Faster and Collaborate Better

Team collaboration in talent acquisition and management has never been more critical. As many organizations adapt new tools and technologies, adjust to virtual communication, and respond to fluctuating ebbs and flows in talent demand, the impact of workflow bottlenecks can halt hiring momentum. But now there's a solution.

We're excited to introduce Phenom for Microsoft Teams! Streamline your hiring workflow, improve collaboration, and accelerate decision-making with ease. Invite team members and employees to engage with recruitment, interviews, internal mobility, and referrals entirely within Microsoft Teams.

Phenom for Microsoft Teams keeps hiring moving forward. Recruiters can collaborate with hiring managers on sourcing and interviewing directly within Microsoft Teams, promoting focus and reducing context switching. Employees can easily search for open roles, get answers to frequently asked HR questions, refer roles to their network, and check their application and referral status.

Here's What's Launching

Enable Phenom for Microsoft Teams and unlock the following features:

Seamlessly collaborate with hiring managers. Recruiters can continue to source and engage candidates in Phenom, while hiring managers can review and approve decisions in Microsoft Teams. Simplify workflows without introducing new tools to log in to.

Schedule video interviews with Microsoft Teams. Utilize Phenom Scheduling to coordinate and schedule 1:1 or group video interviews that now generate and include a Microsoft Teams meeting link.

Capture real-time interview feedback. Use Microsoft Teams’ built-in side panel during a video interview to capture and submit interview feedback during the interview itself. Submissions will be stored in Phenom, and recruiters will receive a notification. Panelists can also be reminded to complete the feedback form after the interview.

Discover available jobs. Employees can easily discover recommended open roles within Microsoft Teams based on their profile and skills. Keep employees engaged and promote internal mobility.

Get answers to frequently asked HR questions. Automatically answer employees’ frequently asked questions directly in Microsoft Teams, freeing up your HR team to focus on other initiatives. Edit and manage your questions and answers in Phenom to ensure that responses are current.

Quickly refer jobs to family and friends. Tap into your personal and professional network to recommend open roles to family and friends. Be a part of your company’s hiring efforts and help your team find best-fit candidates.

Check application and referral status. Employees can easily check their application and referral status within Microsoft Teams to keep track of the process.

Already using Phenom and Microsoft Teams? Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about implementing this integration.

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