Shannan BielerSeptember 17, 2019
Topics: Partnerships

Hosted Apply with Phenom People + SmartRecruiters Increases Quality Conversions

When visiting a company’s career site, candidates expect to find a job they’re interested in, click a button to apply, provide a reasonable amount of information, and then submit.

What often happens, however, is this: after clicking to apply, they are sent to a different website that takes forever to load. Then, they discover they must answer question after question, with no end in sight. Frustrated, they determine the job is no longer worth the effort and abandon the application completely. Talent pools of quality candidates are sacrificed.

Here at Phenom, we care a lot about fixing that broken apply process so companies can expand their talent pools, and candidates can find the right job. That’s why we are excited to announce that the Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform now integrates with the SmartRecruiters applicant tracking system (ATS).

The Phenom People and SmartRecruiters partnership alleviates candidate frustration in the application process, resulting in higher conversion rates. And, that’s not all—real-time syncing with the Phenom CRM improves the candidate and recruiter experience, too.

How Phenom + SmartRecruiters Enhances CX and RX

For Candidates: Delivering a seamless apply process. When a career site and ATS are not integrated, candidates experience a sub-par application process that is linked to increased drop-off rates. Now, job seekers applying to a new opportunity can enjoy a consistent, cohesive experience, from the moment they hit the apply button to the moment they’re ready to submit.

Bonus: Candidates don’t have to double their work, as all the information they provided on the career site is instantly relayed into the ATS.

For Recruiters: Enabling immediate access to best-fit candidates. Phenom’s career site, CRM, and chatbot use AI to make it easier for recruiters to discover, rediscover, and screen best-fit candidates. This allows recruiters to decrease time-to-hire by isolating the exact talent they should pursue. And by reducing the need to sift through resumes and source candidates, recruiters have more time to build quality relationships with top talent.

Bonus: Candidates and employees who applied for the job are also notified sooner if they’re ready to move on to the next stage in the hiring process, or if it’s not the right fit.

Why a Real-Time Integration is So Powerful

An integration between two platforms is only valuable to the end user if the data can be accessed in real-time by both systems.

Outside of hosted apply, consider hiring statuses: receiving instant status updates saves recruiters from sending inappropriate communication to candidates, such as job postings to recently rejected candidates, and other faux pas. A real-time integration also allows recruiters to track who has completed an application and who has not, which makes it easier to figure out who to nurture.

If you’re interested in how you can take advantage of our hosted apply process and seamless integration, request a demo today.

Shannan Bieler

Shannan leads channel marketing at Phenom People, where she plans and executes go-to-market strategies for all Phenom partnerships. 

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