Chris GrimesDecember 05, 2022
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Phenom Announces New Certified Integrations with UKG Pro Recruiting to Improve Recruiter Productivity and Candidate Experience

In today’s labor market, providing a streamlined, personalized candidate experience and improving recruiter efficiency is essential to hiring the best possible talent quickly. 

With the average person spending approximately one minute on a website before deciding whether or not to leave, it’s critical that employers create compelling career sites with quick and efficient application processes. In fact, candidates who are required to fill out the same information more than once — or are brought to other sites that have a different look and feel — are more likely to abandon the application than those who go through a consistent experience. 

That's why we're excited to announce our new UKG Pro Recruiting Certifications for Job Sync and Hosted Apply, which provide the premier, luxury experience that today’s talent expects, and TA teams need to improve productivity and thrive.

Phenom + UKG Pro Recruiting: Better Together 

With this certified integration, organizations that utilize both Phenom and UKG Pro Recruiting improve the candidate experience by creating a better application process, while adding automation to reduce manual tasks and improve recruiter efficiency with:

  • Certified Job Sync

    : All job-associated data and requisitions in UKG Pro Recruiting are automatically pulled and posted onto the

    Phenom Career Site

    and job boards — eliminating the time-consuming and mundane process of creating flat files and copying and pasting content.

  • Certified Hosted Apply

    : Job seekers move seamlessly from a company’s career site to the job application, ensuring a consistent experience throughout the process. Data is then reliably transferred between Phenom and UKG Pro Recruiting for recruiters to review, drastically improving conversion rates.

This cohesive experience enables organizations to convey a strong employer brand, build trust, and help candidates complete their applications faster and more easily. Employers can also access lead capture for partial applicants, real-time candidate traffic patterns, and analytics to help optimize content. 

This results in:

  • 3X candidate conversions

  • 20% decrease in cost per hire

  • 49% decrease in time to fill

  • 5X more applications

With Phenom, UKG Pro Recruiting customers also get:

  • Hyper-personalized job recommendations

    : Deliver tailored content and job recommendations to each candidate based on their unique skills, experiences, preferences, and geographic location.

  • Intelligent automation

    : Automate sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, candidate scoring, and answering job seeker questions with tools such as an AI-powered conversational chatbot, and email and SMS campaigns to move talent through the hiring process faster.

  • Candidate pipelining and campaigns

    : Quickly identify new and silver medalist candidates with intelligent candidate discovery features — and engage and nurture best-fit talent through campaigns.

  • Actionable insights

    : Make more data-driven hiring decisions and identify recruiting ROI and hiring trends with career site and campaign analytics.

Organizations today are hard-pressed to hire and retain the best possible talent. Improving recruiter productivity and the candidate experience are essential to accelerate hiring and ensure talent finds and chooses you faster.

Find out how you can streamline the application process with Phenom and UKG Pro Recruiting. 
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