Derek HermanApril 04, 2018
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Phenomenology: The Study of Phenomena & IAMPHENOM

A phenomenon is something experienced that is impressive or extraordinary in nature. It can also be in regards to a person, a prodigy to be observed and admired. It’s an experience that often comes without an easy explanation for why it occurred, but it leaves a lasting impression.

Though it’s hard to concretely express, phenomenology is the study and philosophy of the nature of that phenomenon as it is consciously experienced.

This ideology is what Phenom People strives to personify when it comes to candidate experience. From start to finish, the interaction the job seeker has with a company should be so phenomenal that the applicant will have a strong desire to work for the organization. In turn, that candidate will be a phenomenal hire because of how engaged he was in the process, ensuring an alignment of culture and fit.

This purpose should be at the heart of every piece of technology trying to better recruiting practices so that every candidate finds the right job.

You Are & I Am Phenomenal

IAMPHENOM is that phenomenon. As ideas and practices are exchanged from the prodigious speakers and attendees, the event will generate a feeling of awe that participants won’t be able to explain.

It’s this essence that is the driving force for why people want to come. Between the topics, speakers, and networking, attendees will walk away with a sense of empowerment and an inspiring transformative outlook for how technology will elevate HR and talent acquisition for years to come.

While the phenomenal essence IAMPHENOM will produce must be experienced to be understood, the logistics of it all can be explained.

IAMPHENOM will be a two-day event starting the morning of May 2nd and concluding on May 3rd, covering topics surrounding the candidate and employee experience, evolution of jobs, hiring and onboarding practices, arrival of new technology, and many others.

The DoubleTree in Center City Philadelphia will serve as host to the conference. Those new to Philadelphia will be at the heart of what creates the city’s culture and will certainly understand not just IAMPHENOM’s wonder, but also Philly’s phenomenon.

Don’t wait to be part of this crusade! Register now to reserve your spot in this historic dawn of the annual IAMPHENOM conference at

Derek Herman

Derek leads the Marketing Communications initiatives at Phenom People. He engages with Phenom customers to spotlight their stories in the media.

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