Embracing Upskilling & Creating Learning Opportunities with Docebo | Phenom

Tom Tate

April 29, 2020

Learning is always important. But investing in the employee experience and professional development has now become more important than ever for some companies. 

In this bonus episode, we share the audio from a Community Conversation we hosted with Corey Marcel, strategic account executive of Docebo, an online learning platform. During the show, Corey and I discuss how to promote continuous and informal learning among your employees—especially during challenging times. 

  • Always strive to learn, but focus on what is relevant during times of crisis
  • Spend time learning about things you're truly interested in
  • Practice "social learning" by observing the good things others are doing & modeling their behavior
  • Find educational content that matches your learning style

Want to go deeper? Tom and Corey explored these strategies and more in a recent Community Conversation. Check out the recording on-demand: 

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    Tom Tate