Devin FosterMay 04, 2020
Topics: Candidate Experience

Is Your Career Site Working For You Or Against You? [Podcast]

No matter what situation you and your team is in—if recruitment efforts have slowed down, come to a screeching halt, or ramped up—your career site still has the power to create a remarkable candidate experience. Plus, it can help reduce your team’s efforts on manual tasks and improve communication.

In this podcast episode, Tom and I discuss three critical ways you can ensure your career site and campaigns are working for you—and not against you—during these trying times.

  • Leverage FAQs to give candidates and job-seekers the answers they need right now
  • Update all automated email campaigns to be timely, relevant, and helpful
  • Use a conversational chatbot on your career site to keep candidates moving through their journey

During the episode we also mention HelpOneBillion, a curated network of 500,000 jobs from 100+ companies hiring now. Be sure to check it out and share it with those who are looking for a job now.

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