Kristina FinsethJanuary 25, 2016
Topics: Talent Experience

Science + art = talent relationship marketing

When many good things come together, they make great combinations.

Peanut Butter + Chocolate

Peanut butter and chocolate spread on heart shaped bread isolated over white background.

Netflix + Your Couch

Rear view shot of a young couple watching TV together

&... Recruiting + Marketing

Some things are just better together. Many people understand this. Great recruiters know this.

Recruiters today also know that to be a successful recruiter, you must be both part artist and part scientist. You have to be able to woo even the most passive candidates and also have the data in hand to influence organizational hiring strategies. Consider your daily routine as a recruiter as both an artist and a scientist.

An Artist


When recruiters think like marketers they consider their jobs, their products and market the right opportunities to the right candidates. What recruiters can learn from marketers is how to tell stories and build their employer brands to attract top talent. Talent relationship marketing was built around the candidate to treat them to great experiences that allow an employer to engage with candidates and market suitable jobs.


They know how to create a pipeline, nurture leads and engage candidates to seal the deal or hire. No candidates should slip through the cracks to ensure fresh talent is always available. When recruiters engage with candidates they learn how to best sell an opportunity to an attractive candidate.

Talent Advisor

The recruiting function is a critical part of the business so they must act as trusted advisors to the business of talent trends. They should be able to know how to reach top talent and how to adjust strategies and spending accordingly to continue to reach their hiring goals.


Modern recruiters have an intuition for good chemistry. They know both how to network and navigate personalities, skills, and company culture to find and hire the perfect match. Talent relationship marketing builds trust with candidates so that the relationship can grow to be mutually beneficial for both candidate and recruiter.

The Scientist


Recruiters know how to read candidates, know how to read what candidates are looking for in a job and how to inspire them to want to work at their company. Each candidate is different so recruiters that offer a personalized job search experience go above and beyond and often close the most deals.


To know great recruiting you have to also love recruiting innovation. Be curious about what tools could help you work better. The recruiting world is constantly changing and by embracing innovation you can gain a competitive advantage.


No more recruiting blindly. Find metrics that matter to your organization like workforce forecasts and always keep an eye on your competition. By finding what works and what doesn't work you can easily adjust your strategy and spending.

Data 'Nerd'

Great recruiters know that numbers matter and help make better decisions as well as allow them to earn the trust of others (including authorities) within their organization.

Modern recruiters are always balancing between art and science. To rely solely on gut instinct and feel would be a mistake so by bringing science into the equation, you can find and hire the perfect fit.

Talent Relationship Marketing is a combination of both science and art. To have one without the other will weaken a organization's ability to continue to grow and acquire innovative and talented people to drive their organization towards success for years to come.

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