Kristina FinsethMarch 10, 2016
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Seven common talent acquisition software pain points

Recruiting great talent is hard. Job seekers today expect more from potential employers.

In order to woo today's candidates, employers must redefine the experience of finding a job in order to meet their unique needs.

Talent acquisition teams lean on their HR technology to bring clarity to the hiring process and make their jobs easier. Each organization chooses different HR technology tools based on their specific needs, but sometimes these systems don't 'talk to one another' making the hiring process difficult and frustrating.

What's need is an all-in-one solution to the common talent acquisition software pain points to align the objectives, priorities and actions of candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. Talent Relationship Marketing uses predictive intelligence to deliver a higher level of candidate quality - making it easier for talent acquisition teams to identify and hire targeted individuals.

Does your talent acquisition suffer these common software pain points? TRM could be just what you're looking for.

1) Your career site is outdated

Job seekers are busy people. They expect to be able to search for jobs, learn about an employer and apply for a job wherever they are on whatever device they like. Your career site should be optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers.

When you career site is not available to all devices - you deny candidates, which gives candidates a negative impression of your company and puts your company at a disadvantage among the competition.

2) Engaging with top talent is challenging

Candidates research potential employers across various websites throughout their job search and often visit an organization's career site multiple times before applying. They look for information that is relevant to their specific interests, needs and intentions.

If you're serving up the same content to candidates every single time they land on your career site, chances are, you are not engaging with the talent you are trying to attract. Candidates will likely become bored with your content and look elsewhere for a more attractive option.

3) Applications are not reaching the finish line

Converting job seekers to applicants is key to building talent relationships with top talent, but many applicants get 'stuck' in the application process. If your application process is overcomplicated or confusing, candidates will abandon their applications deeming it too complicated to complete.

4) You are missing out on passive candidates

What if the candidate you are looking for is browsing your career site right now? Chances are, the candidates you are looking for could be right on your career site looking at you, but many talent acquisition software systems fail to give insight to recruiters on candidates who visit your site but do not fill out an application.

5) Applicants are slipping through the cracks

Many organizations struggle to not only get applicants through the applicantion process, but they also struggle with turning former candidates into applicants.

The problem is that many talent acquisition teams do not have a nurturing system in place to nudge candidates along the application process or re-market new jobs to former applicants.

6) You're spending money without knowing what works

Allocating your recruiting budget is a crucial aspect to attracting top talent, but many organizations pour their budgets into advertising the company, posting jobs on job boards, social media and PPC campaigns without knowing what is actually working.

Your jobs need to be where candidates are, but without the necessary data, you cannot truly tell what's working - making it difficult to spend your recruiting budget effectively.

7) The problem isn't not enough candidates, but not enough quality ones

It's hard to find the perfect fit, especially when hundreds of people apply for your open positions, making it even more difficult for talent acquisition teams to sort through candidates to identify and target ideal candidates.

This process when done manually can take a lot of time away from recruiters and will often yield an average talent pool without the proper tools and analytics to help clarify the process.

Candidates want to feel confident and secure in their decision to work for a company and employers want candidates to be excited about working for them, but today's talent acquisition software is bringing pain to the process making it difficult for companies to make great hires.

Talent Relationship Marketing helps transform the hiring experience by solving the many common talent acquisition software pain points. TRM streamlines the critical HR functions benefitting candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

To learn more about how Talent Relationship Marketing solves your common talent acquisition software pain points, download our ebook below.

talent acquisition software pain points

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