Kristina FinsethMay 18, 2017
Topics: Recruiter Experience

Sorry Sourcers, the Clock is Ticking

In the era of disruption and automation, another job might have just bit the dust…Talent Sourcers.

For those of you who are green to the HR world, sourcers scour the internet in search of candidates to fill job openings. Think of them as a recruiter’s right-hand man, as they are typically relied on to source resumes for those hard-to-fill positions. Despite their low rank on the talent acquisition totem pole, good sourcers are hard to come by and well respected by their fellow team members.

The sourcing landscape has changed over the years in the war over talent, but the game remains the same: “Find the people that don’t want to be found.” Passive job seekers who are gainfully employed are always the most desirable candidates. This thought pattern is why platforms like LinkedIn have been such a valuable recruiting tool for the past decade. LinkedIn takes passive job seekers and puts them in the spotlight for recruiters to easily reach out and bait on their open job reqs.

The accessibility of talent that LinkedIn provides mitigates the sourcer-dependency recruiters once had. Now, they can easily build and nurture their own personal networks without the help of a sourcer. As the landscape continues to evolve and recruiters become more independent, they need to think about how to become more effective at self-sourcing.

That's where the Phenom People Talent Clipper comes into play.

The Talent Clipper is a chrome extension that saves recruiters countless time and energy from their daily sourcing activities. With one click, you can easily add prospects from social media platforms right to your talent pipeline.

This means no more copying and pasting into spreadsheets or doing CRM data entry. With the Talent Clipper, your prospects will be automatically saved and synced to your CRM in real-time.

The best advantage of using the Phenom People Talent Clipper is that it captures contact information from prospects as well. And not only does it capture phone and email details on your direct connections, but it captures second degree connections as well.

Interested in seeing how it works? Watch the video below or schedule a demo.

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