Shannan BielerJune 05, 2019
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Want to Source Candidates Faster? Here's How with Phenom People + ZAPinfo

One of the biggest challenges recruiters face is the time spent collecting candidate information, when they could be building candidate relationships instead. According to a Dice survey, 72% of respondents say that lack of recruitment automation slows down the recruiting process—a pain point that only intensifies as they get caught up in manual tasks like searching for talent.

Now you can reduce sourcing time and keep your candidate profiles up to date using Phenom People + ZAPinfo, a game-changing recruiting productivity tool. This new integration automates the traditionally manual process of searching, extracting, and enriching candidate profiles.

Whether it’s an existing candidate or a new lead, nothing helps get you in the groove of the recruiter hunt faster than knowing you have a robust pipeline with accurate information.

Why We Teamed Up with ZAPinfo (Spoiler Alert: Find More Candidates in Less Time)

Discovering quality candidates is difficult enough—63% of recruiters say the biggest barrier to identifying qualified talent is not finding enough candidates to fill open positions. And when you do finally have a pool of candidates, keeping their information updated is time-consuming and easily falls to the wayside. Organizations commonly have hundreds of thousands of candidate profiles in their CRM. Considering candidates often change jobs and essential contact information, a high number of profiles are rendered useless.

With ZAPinfo, you save hours of time by quickly collecting—or “zapping”—candidate information from sourcing platforms, including their latest job title, skills, location, email address, and phone number.

Plus, your “zapped” contacts can easily be added to the Phenom CRM, where you can use recruitment marketing tactics to attract, engage, and nurture a robust talent pipeline. Send engaging email or SMS campaigns, invite them to upcoming events, and more to stay connected.

How ZAPinfo Helps Cut Sourcing Time

Together, Phenom and ZAPinfo empower recruiters to spend less time on data entry and more time on building relationships with candidates (and hiring managers!) to build stronger teams.

After installing the ZAPinfo Chrome Extension, you can:

1. Source new candidates with matching skills.
After searching for talent on sourcing platforms, recruiters can collect candidate information for hundreds of leads at a time using the ZAPinfo Chrome Extension. Talent profile details are captured in a cloud-based central repository called a “ZapBoard.”

ZAPinfo ZAPboard

These profiles can then be quickly pulled into the Phenom CRM from the ZapBoard with a couple of clicks—and voilà! A new pool of quality candidates with current contact information is ready for you. From there, you can include new candidates in your recruitment marketing efforts, or start sending qualified job seekers to hiring managers.

ZAPinfo - Extract Tool

Zapinfo Candidate Zapped

2. Update candidate profiles in the Phenom CRM.

If you “zap” candidate details for leads that already exist in the Phenom CRM, their information will also get updated—which makes it possible to stay connected with qualified talent even longer.

ZAPinfo Updated Contact

Your talent pool might consist of hundreds or thousands of qualified job seekers—but if you don’t have their most current contact information, you could be missing out on your next best hire.

Never skip a beat keeping your contacts updated, wherever they are in the candidate journey, with Phenom and ZAPinfo.

Interested in learning more about the Phenom + ZAPinfo integration? We encourage Phenom customers to contact their Account Manager today!

Shannan Bieler

Shannan leads channel marketing at Phenom People, where she plans and executes go-to-market strategies for all Phenom partnerships. 

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