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5 Inspirational Speakers You’ll See at IAMPHENOM 2019

Getting pumped for IAMPHENOM 2019 in two weeks? So are we!

Now in its second year, IAMPHENOM has doubled its number of speakers. Each will touch on this year’s theme of innovation, mindfulness, and inspiration—all important pillars to the entire talent experience.

Here are just a few of the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at this year’s event.

Neil Pasricha

Director, Institute for Global Happiness and NYT Bestselling Author


What he’ll speak about: In Neil’s keynote session, he will talk about how we achieve happiness at work and our lives through the Japanese concept of Ikigai.

About Neil:

Neil Pasricha is the New York Times-bestselling author of The Happiness Equation and The Book of Awesome series. He now serves as Director of the Institute for Global Happiness after heading Leadership Development at Walmart for ten years. He is a Harvard MBA and one of the most popular TED speakers of all time. Neil has dedicated the past fifteen years to developing leaders, creating global programs for the world’s largest companies, and speaking to hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

Amy Webb

Founder & Quantitative Futurist at Future Today Institute


What she’ll speak about: In Amy’s keynote session, she will talk about the main themes in her new book, The Big Nine: How Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity.

About Amy:

Amy Webb is a quantitative futurist, a bestselling author, and professor of strategic foresight at NYU Stern School of Business. She has advised three-star generals, White House leadership, and CEOs of some of the world’s largest companies on the future of AI. She is the founder of the Future Today Institute, a leading foresight and strategy firm that helps leaders and their organizations prepare for complex futures. She earned her master’s in Journalism from Columbia University and is a Nieman Fellow for Emerging Technologies and Media at Harvard University.

Josh Bersin



What he’ll speak about: In Josh’s keynote session, he will talk about how we can make our work lives better through leading best practices from around the world.

About Josh:

Josh Bersin is a leading industry and technology analyst and researcher who covers all aspects of HR: training, talent management, recruiting, leadership, and workplace technology. He founded Bersin & Associates, which is now Bersin by Deloitte. He is a keynote speaker, educator, thought leader, and personal coach to HR and business leaders around the world.

Kevin Kruse

CEO, LEADx and NYT Bestselling Author


What he’ll speak about: Kevin is the moderator for the employee experience panel, where panelists will answer questions such as “Why should companies focus on employee engagement?” and “What’s one thing many people think drives employee engagement that doesn’t?”

About Kevin:

Kevin Kruse is a New York Times bestselling author and Forbes contributor. He currently serves as Founder & CEO of LEADx, an online learning platform that provides free leadership development for millions of people around the world. Drawing from experience building and selling several multimillion dollar technology companies, Kevin’s mission is to convince everyone that wholehearted leadership for employee engagement is the key to unlocking both dramatic business results and better health and relationships for individuals. He has traveled the globe as a keynote speaker on leadership, productivity and entrepreneurship, and his books continue to top the bestseller charts years after their release.

Lisa Colella

Founder & Chief Strategist, Truist


What she’ll talk about: Lisa will lead a breakout session where she will share her insights on transforming employer branding.

About Lisa:

Lisa Colella is the Founder & Chief Strategist for Truist, a boutique Talent Brand strategy, coaching, and advisory firm whose mission is to help companies and people experience their true potential in both numbers and spirit. For over 12 years, Lisa has helped a variety of mid-to-enterprise companies transform their talent attraction and retention capabilities by applying modern consumer marketing techniques to difficult HR challenges. She has led award-winning employer brand teams at Philips, Alexander Mann Solutions, and TMP Worldwide, and enjoys inspiring individuals towards their best lives while traveling the world, sipping great coffee, and serving in her most important role as “mom”.

Of course, that’s not all!

These are just a few of the industry influencers participating at this year’s IAMPHENOM! You’ll also discover 20+ inspirational and thought-provoking speakers and panelists, have fun at our networking events, learn about new HR tech trends, more. Check out the IAMPHENOM 2019 agenda here.

If you’re already registered, we look forward to seeing you in two weeks! Still on the fence about joining us? Here are the 4 Irresistible Reasons to Attend IAMPHENOM.

Samantha Finken

Samantha is in content marketing at Phenom People, where she is passionate about enhancing every talent experience. She also enjoys taking photos, traveling, and bonding with her team. 

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