Ed NewmanJanuary 02, 2019
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The Best Example of Candidate Journey Mapping Ever

Over the course of the last five years, I have been talking a lot about Candidate Journey Mapping and the need to segment our talent pools, define the candidate persona, and map the journey in order to gain a complete understanding of your target audiences.

What is a Candidate Journey Map?

A Candidate Journey Map defines all of the interactions a candidate may go through when applying to jobs, and even as they become an employee. The map provides a way to visualize and effectively analyze how a candidate reacts to and engages with your EVP throughout the recruiting process.

Developed completely from the candidate's perspective, the journey map captures each individual's needs, wants, and interests along with the steps they take to navigate your process.

Why does Candidate Journey Mapping matter? Simply put - if you know your target audience and their likely journey, you can position your messaging in places where you know your desired talent will be. For example, if you know the professional association that your candidates will join, you might advertise in their trade publication.

The Best Example of Candidate Journey Mapping

I have recently come across a very creative example of this approach in action.

Due to the nature of my role with Phenom People, I spend a lot of time analyzing career sites and the candidate experience. Sometimes I need to take a look under the hood to see how a site is architected at the source code level.

One day I was checking out the source code of Tenable’s website and found something amazing. Tenable is a cyber security technology company and they hire quite a few engineers who might also be exploring the source code of their website.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

Customer Journey Mapping at Tenable

Ready to begin building a candidate-centric experience? Start by mapping your candidate’s journey with our free template.

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Our free template is designed to help you lay out all the touch points that could happen through the candidate's journey with your organization specifically. With this information, you’ll be better equipped to fine-tune your processes to create a unique and personalized candidate experience.


Have you previously tried mapping your candidates’ journeys? Tell us about the results in the comments section below!

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