Jeff HuntAugust 20, 2019
Topics: Recruiter Experience

The 3 Best Talent Analytics Widgets for Every TA Role

With a large amount of data on their platform, it can be overwhelming for TA teams to understand which metrics are best for them and how big data fits into their day-to-day workflow.

Our goal is to simplify your analytics experience by introducing customizable dashboards to create a more thoughtful and insightful recruiting strategy. Here are the best widgets for each talent acquisition position to view in their talent analytics dashboard.


Recruiters are responsible for connecting candidates to the company throughout the talent experience value chain. While recruiters are interested in the talent pool, they are also invested in the efficiency of the candidate's movement, from their first interaction all the way to their hiring.

Widget: Hiring Pipeline

This widget helps recruiters understand each candidate stage. It shows how many candidates have applications under review, are waiting for a phone interview, have an on-site interview coming up, or are in the process of getting hired.

Recruiters - Hiring Pipeline

Widget: Campaigns with Most Job Seekers

This widget is perhaps the most beneficial to the recruiter, as it shows which campaigns are working to attract new talent to the organization. The team can replicate or expand successful campaigns, or adjust what isn’t working.

Recruiters - Campaigns with Most Job Seekers

Widget: Internal Mobility's Most Popular Job Categories

This widget is used to understand which job categories are most applied for by internal candidates, who are the best talent to nurture. With this knowledge, recruiters can promote specific job categories for current employees.

Recruiters - Most Popular Job Categories

Recruiting Managers

Recruiting managers are committed to leading their team of recruiters to be as efficient as possible. A productive recruiting manager wants to ensure that their talent pool is being utilized well and that their team of recruiters are engaged with the best possible candidates.

Widget: Top CRM Users

This widget conveys how recruiters and other users are using their CRM to interact with job seekers. A detailed report like this one is essential to ensuring the team maximizes the potential of the system.

Recruiting Managers - Top CRM Users

Widget: Bot User Flow

This widget displays how well the chatbot influences job seekers to view jobs and complete applications. This ensures recruiters can reallocate their time to other valuable tasks, such as building relationships with top candidates.

Recruiting Managers - Bot User Flow

Widget: Application Conversion

This widget is integral to ensuring that applications can be completed efficiently and thoughtfully by candidates. A poor conversion rate could signal a long or confusing application process.

Recruiting Managers - Application Conversion

Talent Marketers

Talent marketers are responsible for selling the organization and specific job openings. This position frequently uses social recruiting techniques such as creating email campaigns and updating the career site.

Widget: Campaigns

This widget is crucial for understanding what types of campaigns attract the most candidates, and whether the campaign leads to candidates applying for a job. The team can adjust their campaign strategy accordingly.

Talent Marketer - Campaigns

Widget: Traffic Channels

This widget prompts talent marketers to understand which campaigns have given their organization the most attention. It shows which days led the most job seekers to the career site, and whether they were new or returning visitors.

Talent Marketers - Traffic

Widget: User Behavior on Career Site

This visualization gives insight into how engaging the career site is. It should prompt talent marketers to question whether their content is relevant or interesting to job seekers, and whether it’s easy to navigate the site.

Talent Marketers - User Behavior


This role interacts with individual candidates to fill specific roles, whether it is direct recruitment for a role or nurturing a candidate through the talent experience.

Widget: Talent Community Report

This report is the go-to widget for job sourcers. With an understanding of how and when individual candidates interact with the career site, sourcers can better market to the right candidate.

Sourcers - Talent Community

Widget: Most Popular Jobs

When attempting to find a hard-to-fill job title, this report allows sourcers to organize a job's popularity. Sourcers can drill down into a specific job and view the analytics related to it.

Sourcers - Job Analytics

Widget: Similar Job Subscription Report

This widget displays candidates who have requested to receive notifications when new jobs are posted. These candidates are most committed and invested in finding a job within your company.

Sourcers - Similar Jobs

Directing Managers

Directing managers, or similar roles that are invested in Talent Experience Management, are most concerned with the effective performance of recruiting strategies, as well as the ability for employees to develop within the organization.

Widget: Internal Mobility

Growth and development of employees within an organization can be difficult to track. This widget identifies exactly how employees interact with the internal mobility module, from referring their networks to applying to new roles.

Directing Managers - Internal Mobility

Widget: Apply Funnel Overview

This visualization of the application funnel gives directing managers a broad view of how well the platform initiates job visits and completed applications.

Directing Managers - Apply Funnel

Widget: Job Seekers Forecast

This forecast shows the direction of the organization's ability to engage job seekers. A projected increase identifies an effective use of campaigns and events within the recruiting strategy.

Directing Managers - Job Seekers Forecast

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Jeff Hunt

Jeff was an intern at Phenom People, where he focused on analytics widgets and job search personalization, and pioneered the B Corp certification for the company. He attends Saint Joseph's University.

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