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The Chatbots for Recruiting: 2020 Benchmarks Report

Every talent leader wants the best technology to help deliver a phenomenal candidate experience. Are chatbots just a flash in a pan, or are they an integral piece of technology?

To help answer that question, we recently released the Chatbots for Recruiting: 2020 Benchmarks report, which reveals the impact a chatbot has on job seekers and recruiters during the job search and apply process. In this first annual report, you’ll learn the biggest successes and takeaways from implementing a chatbot, including:

  • Performance of a career site with or without a chatbot
  • Chatbot productivity outside traditional business hours
  • The most popular questions candidates ask chatbots
  • Success stories from customers with a chatbot
Chatbots for Recruiting

About the Report

Phenom analyzed more than 20 million chatbot interactions from over 100 Phenom Bot deployments to develop this benchmark report. It showcases how chatbots on career sites connect candidates with relevant jobs faster, answer their questions, and convert more job seeker traffic than sites without a chatbot. On average, career sites with chatbots convert more applicants and nearly double the number of candidate leads.

Why are chatbots so hot right now?

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and chatbots have been buzzing around the HR industry for years. What once started as mere predictions for the future of work have now evolved into real technology recruiters, sourcers, and talent marketers can use.

Despite the fact that chatbots have proven their value among consumers—the use of chatbots by customer service teams is projected to grow by 136% in the coming months— HR has not yet grasped the immediate and long-term impact they can have on talent. According to the State of Candidate Experience: 2020 Benchmarks, 94% of the Fortune 500 career sites did not have a chatbot.

The reality is: chatbots—powered by artificial intelligence—are transforming the way employers attract, engage, retain, and develop quality talent. By taking on time-consuming tasks such as sourcing, screening, scheduling, and answering candidate FAQs, chatbots help recruiting teams get more time back in their day—time which can then be spent on more strategic tasks, such as building quality relationships with job seekers.

Chatbots also enhance the candidate experience by quickly matching job seekers with relevant open roles and content based on their experience, skills, and interests. Removing barriers between candidates and jobs they’re most qualified for ensures a seamless, positive interaction with a company.

Access the full Chatbots for Recruiting: 2020 Benchmarks Report

Report Key Findings

Across the board, companies chatbots helped in key metrics for recruiting. One healthcare customer even saw a 1,142% increase in candidate leads in the first 30 days alone.

Chatbots on career sites convert more candidates than those without:

  • 95% more job seekers become leads
  • 40% more job seekers complete an application
  • 13% more job seekers click apply on a job requisition

Highest chatbot engagement occurs outside of traditional 9am to 5pm business hours:

  • 66% of total chatbot interactions
  • 60% of completed applications
  • 48% of apply clicks

The most common topics candidates ask chatbots:

  • Apply & application status
  • Benefits & compensation
  • Job search

Not only does the chatbot convert more job seekers into leads, it also increases engagement, —specifically during non-traditional business hours—and responds to the questions candidates most pressing questions.

Enhancing the Candidate & Recruiter Experiences

Chatbots play a significant role in the entire talent journey, validating the need for organizations to adopt and implement them during the hiring process.

These powerful recruitment tools aid in the candidate experience, allowing job seekers to engage with the employer brand and find the right job faster. Chatbots that natively integrate with career sites seamlessly enhance the candidate journey during the search and apply process.

In addition to enhancing the candidate experience, chatbots help eliminate talent acquisition challenges by automating time-consuming tasks. As the chatbot builds candidate pipelines, recruiters can focus more on nurturing relationships with top talent.

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