Kristina FinsethDecember 22, 2016
Topics: Recruiter Experience

Top 10 Recruiting Memes of 2021

There’s been a lot of talk on the future of recruiting this year. Aside from all of the serious posts, there have been some pretty hilarious recruiting memes over the course of 2016.

So let’s lighten things up, and take a look at some of them as we wrap up another year of hard work and dedication to the recruiting industry.

Here’s a little play on Saturday Night Live. After all, how many times have recruiters worked with hiring managers who have unrealistic expectations of the recruiting process? I know I have worked with some of them before myself.

If you are someone that listens to the radio a lot, you probably remember Adele’s “Hello” playing over and over. How appropriate for a recruiting meme since recruiters sometimes call the same candidate repeatedly with zero response.

No, but really – some hiring managers still believe that the higher the volume of candidates they receive equals more quality candidates to choose from. We all know that’s not the case though.

4. blog-post-meme-4

Recruiting can be stressful. Sometimes I find myself checking in the mirror for gray hairs – especially after a hard day. What about you?

5. blog-post-meme-5

Oh, the beautiful world of sourcing for candidates. Of course, where else to try and find your ideal candidate than LinkedIn. Craft that perfect Boolean search string, and go.

Passive candidates are a hot commodity – especially considering the fact that the talent pool is diminishing, and will probably continue to do so in the new year.

Of course, it’s important to under-promise and over-deliver, right? Placing 50 candidates in a 24-hour window isn’t a healthy goal for any recruiter – rock star or not.

Tech recruiting continues to be a challenge for most. In fact, the hottest tech talent receives tons of calls and emails per day about new opportunities. It’s no surprise that recruiters jump when one updates their LinkedIn profile, right?

I’m sure every recruiter reading this post has had the opportunity to work with a hiring manager that interviews quite a few candidates, and then magically decides that they want something completely different. Or, better yet – what about when they put the job “on hold” while they figure it out? Raise your hand if you’ve been there.

Although there are still a fair share of recruiters going incognito on LinkedIn, how excited do candidates get when a recruiter requests to connect on LinkedIn? I’m a recruiter, and I still get excited when another recruiter request to connect.


Have any memes to add to the list?

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