Upcoming Events: London Talent Leaders Connect & CandEs Gala

Kristina Finseth


As a global underwriter for the CandEs awards, we are thrilled to head to London on March 2nd for the 2017 Talent Leaders Connect Conference (TLCon), and the CandEs Gala honoring the 2016 EMEA CandE Award recipients.

The theme for the March TLCon focuses on the year ahead and candidate experience.  In honor of the theme, we will be hosting a roundtable on candidate experience – discussing what companies are doing well, and identifying some of the gaps where they can work to improve.

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At the CandEs Gala, there are some highly recognizable companies receiving the CandE Award for providing their 2016 job candidates a phenomenal candidate experience, including: LEGO Group, Facebook, General Electric, and Adidas Group – to name a few.

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Don’t worry.  If you can’t be at the big events in London, we will share some updates and photos afterwards in a future post.