Derek HermanMarch 08, 2018
Topics: Candidate Experience

Viral Photo Beckons: What Is the Point of a Resume?

A recent photo went viral on LinkedIn and provoked many strong emotions around how time consuming and clunky online applications can be. In fact, one of our representatives created one of his many LinkedIn memes on the subject.

The mockery is outstanding:

Application doesn't populate information from candidate's CV

Founders, Directors, General Managers, job seekers, and students all put in their two cents on these broken applications. Their comments ranged from applauding the satire to supporting the movement the picture sparked to strong approval of how the added step weeds out the “slackers”;

  • “No effort… Next candidate please.”
  • “If you want their job, you will fill out their paperwork”
  • “Sensational!”
  • “Brilliant”
  • “Beautiful”
  • “Applications are redundant”

Whether you favor the extra work or not, if you’ve applied to a job since the dawn of the internet, you’ve dealt with this type of application process before.

With these choppy systems, candidates are often first prompted with creating an account on the company’s ATS. They are then asked to upload their CV, a cover letter, and work samples relevant to the job.

After that’s completed, they are then transferred to the application where they must fill out educational credentials, employment experience, and contact information – all things that are already on their CV.


1. What does CV stand for?

A. Crushing Victory

B. Cider Vinegar

C. Curriculum Vitae

Answer: C

2. What is the definition of curriculum vitae?

Answer: Merriam-Webster defines it as a short account of a one’s career and qualifications prepared typically by an applicant for a position.

Isn’t that interesting? That’s exactly what was asked of the candidates when they started the application but now they have to work harder and fill in all the information that is already on their résume.

Last question…

3. Why require this step and risk turning away the talent you’re searching for because of this silly extra hurdle?

A. . . .

B. No comment

C. Because it’s always been done this way?

Answer: We couldn’t think of a reason why either.

Man on his computer frustrated that his CV doesn't seamlessly work on job applications

The best talent will recognize a company who values their employees from first application to their last day. Don’t waste their time with duplicated effort.

It’s simple. If you wouldn’t like to double your work, don’t do it to your candidates.

It’s because of these choppy application steps that worsen the candidate experience and tarnish your employer brand. Thus, you lose out on more applicants, quality hires, diversity, and organic growth.

Here at Phenom People, we thrive to relieve these issues. Reach out to us and let us show you how a customized career site will improve your time-to-fill, cost per hire, and candidate experience.

Derek Herman

Derek leads the Marketing Communications initiatives at Phenom People. He engages with Phenom customers to spotlight their stories in the media.

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