Kristina FinsethMay 25, 2017
Topics: Recruiter Experience

Want to be a Legendary Employer Brand? It Starts with Video

Last year, YouTube reported over 1 billion users, and their growth in viewing time has gone up by 50 percent each year for the last three years. In 2015, Cisco reported that 55 percent of all mobile data traffic originates from video, and predicted that video will account for 75 percent of mobile data traffic by 2020.

From a recruiting perspective, job postings with video content are viewed 12 percent more than ones without video. On average, employers receive 34 percent more applications by simply adding video content to job descriptions.

For any company looking to enhance its employer brand, video is a chance to gain the attention of prospective candidates. Those employers who choose to capitalize on the opportunity to utilize video will be known as legendary employer brands, not as forgettable companies.

Here's a look at some of the unique ways great employer brand programs have chosen to use video.

The Straight Sale "Inside HubSpot"

In this video, HubSpot decided to go with a straight-edged, direct approach. The many benefits of working at HubSpot such as unlimited vacation, an open office environment, and free food and drinks, are outlined in testimonials by the employees themselves in the way most employer branding videos today do. Since HubSpot has a great story to tell, this direct approach works well.

Culture Identity "Google Interns' First Week"

Google has a high profile, great reputation, and no shortage of applicants. The company's most powerful tool to achieve their current status has always been a cohesive, recognizable cultural identity. This video not only illustrates the value of an internship with Google (beyond the obvious benefits to a new grad's resume), but also gets at the heart of "Googlieness" and what the company is all about.

Straight Sell...with Muppets! "Working at Dropbox"

Take away the visuals and this video is similar to HubSpot's piece. Employees are talking about what they like, the company perks, etc. However, these are no ordinary Silicon Valley techies. The symbolism is clear. Dropbox is a great place to work with fun benefits and motivated employees, but it's also just a little bit special.

Virtual Reality "Will You Fit Into Deloitte?"

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.18.23 AM

By far the most engaging and entertaining employer brand I've ever seen is this interactive recruitment video for Deloitte. Experience your first day step by step as you face difficult choices, and sometimes hilarious outcomes. The best part? The choices you make help to determine if your core values and instincts mirror that of Deloitte's mission, values, and culture.

Walk on the Wild Side "At Twitter, the Future is You!"

In an effort to create the "best/worst recruiting video of all time," Twitter employees made a spoof on the traditional employer branding video. Twitter's CEO plays a starring role and pulls off a deadpan performance. All the standbys of traditional recruitment videos are mocked including employee enthusiasm, corporate cliches, and over-the-top hyperbole about how meaningful working for Twitter can be.


What's the best employer branding video you've seen?

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