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Weekly wrap 4/4/2016 - 4/8/2016

Congratulations! We made it to Friday again. We know you've had a busy week and are ready for a break, but don't miss your chance to brush up on the latest and greatest in news and opinion in the recruiting industry with this week's edition of the weekly wrap.

It's hard to be on top of everything new going on in the recruiting world, but no worries - we are here for you! So let's catch up on all of the best content you've missed out on this week.

20 tips that will boost your chance of getting a budget increase

By: Dr. John Sullivan @DrJohnSullivan

Even though most recruiting departments have impressive business impact, they rarely have access to a budget that reflects that.

Dr. John Sullivan outlines 20 valuable points to help boost your business case for more recruiting budget.

Oh, the talent you could get if everyone could work from anywhere

By: Todd Raphael @ToddRaphael

Ever found a great candidate for the job, but they were located in the wrong city?

Jordan Schwartz of Pathable discusses how he avoids this completely by having his entire company work remotely in his interview with Todd Raphael of ERE Media.

The biggest mistake in employer branding - Failing to measure the business impacts of employer branding

By: Dr. John Sullivan @DrJohnSullivan

Lou covers the huge mistakes organizations make in the employer branding area, including they often confuse viral employer brand messaging with paid advertising.

He also discusses how many organizations tend to be overly focused on internal employment branding, when the emphasis should be on branding that impacts external recruiting.

Read on to find out the biggest mistake that professionals make when it comes to branding.

6 steps to the perfect LinkedIn profile summary [for Recruiters]

By: Kate Reilly @KateReilly

A simple LinkedIn summary, like a good first impression, could be the difference between a candidate responding to your message - and not.

Kate gives you six key components that help you build the perfect LinkedIn profile summary.

How to calculate the ROI of hiring better people

By: Lou Adler @LouA

Lou outlines a super-successful six step strategy for hiring top performers.

He explains how improving the quality of hire is not easy, but it's also not impossible.

live candidate experience audit webinar

Have you thought about conducting a candidate experience audit, but are having trouble getting started? We have a solution: Let us do it for you.

Building off of the extreme popularity of the "Auditing the candidate experience" webinar, we are now taking submissions for our LIVE candidate experience audit.

In this webinar, we will select five companies who have elected to participate and conduct full audits of their candidate experience, using our in-house scoring system.

You can register for the webinar and submit your career site for the Live candidate experience audit via the form below.

LIVE candidate experience audit [Webinar]

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