Kristina FinsethJuly 13, 2017
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Welcoming New Hires - 5 Companies Setting the Bar

Do you remember the day you started working for your current organization? The first day is supposed to be exciting, but chances are – you are nervous, unsure of what to expect, and curious about what you’ll encounter. However, when an organization anticipates your arrival, and has everything ready for you on day one, it gets you excited.

Here’s a look at five companies setting the bar on their new hire welcome process.

Phenom People Of course, I have to start with my personal experience starting at Phenom People. I vividly remember my first day like it was yesterday. I was super nervous and anxious, but everyone provided a warm welcome.

Oh, and I received some pretty awesome and memorable swag too.

Phenom Swag

Grade A Digital I’ve been a follower of Michaela Alexis on LinkedIn for a while now. As President of Grade A Digital, she takes welcoming new employees seriously (but in a totally fun way). According to her recent post, “An employee’s first day is one that they don’t forget. And a little kindness goes such a long way in making them feel special. I’d much rather spend my money on welcoming a new person than on fancy lattes or a swanky dinner.”

Here’s a look at the celebratory welcome at Grade A Digital, including a handwritten letter from Michaela herself.

Grade A Digital

Columbia Sportswear Company I love the way Columbia welcomes their group of new hire employees every other week. They get all the new employees together to put together a creative group photo, capturing the culture and fun atmosphere they have at Columbia.

Here’s a look at their newest group of new hires, courtesy of a photo from Kylie Penn, Talent Acquisition Manager at Columbia.


LaSalle Network What about starting a new position with an organization that welcomes you before your first day in the office? LaSalle Network mails a goody box to new hires prior to their first day. It’s full of swag, candy and a welcome note to make new employees feel special and excited for their first day.

Even the box itself welcomes you.

LaSalle Network

Campbell Soup Company The new hire welcome process at Campbell Soup Company is definitely a memorable one. I found a recent post on LinkedIn from a new employee, Melissa Aguilar, sharing her experience. Aside from a decorated desk, and a happy hour to meet the entire team – who wouldn’t love all the Campbell food goodies too?

Oh, and a cake can go a long way.


As you can see, a lot of companies are trying to get unique with the way they on-board and welcome new employees.


How were you welcomed to your current position? How does your company welcome new hires? Please share your first day stories in the comments below.

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