Kristina FinsethJanuary 04, 2016
Topics: Talent Experience

What is talent relationship marketing?

It's time to stop recruiting and start talent relationship marketing.

Recruiting top talent is hard. It’s a fierce and very expensive competition that too often delivers low return on investment on the billions of dollars collectively spent every year.

Today’s candidates are also much more sophisticated and technology-enabled than ever before. Their user experience standards are high, largely influenced by their time spent shopping, consuming media and managing their lives online.

What’s needed is a solution that delivers a fresh, relevant, and a more engaging experience for recruiting.

Introducing…Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM).

Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM) is a system for companies to manage the talent relationship lifecycle of their current and future candidates. TRM makes the experience of finding a job and acquiring talent more efficient and effective by helping candidates find the right jobs and making recruiters more productive.

The right TRM system delivers a higher level of candidate quality by utilizing predictive intelligence and makes it easier for talent acquisition teams to identify and target desired individuals.

TRM aligns the objectives, priorities and actions of candidates, recruiters, hiring managers, and talent acquisition leaders.

From attracting visitors to converting applicants, TRM brings your entire recruiting funnel together.

By streamlining all of your hiring processes, TRM solves the pain points for talent acquisition teams while also creating a seamless experience for both employers and candidates. TRM arms talent acquisition teams to nurture attractive talent throughout the entire job search lifecycle – making it easier to find and hire the perfect fit.

TRM offers products that empower companies to create and build relationships with their ideal candidates. Each of these products work together and inform each other to ensure a seamless process.

Welcome to the talent relationship business.

Stop recruiting. Start talent relationship marketing.

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