Kristina FinsethFebruary 24, 2016
Topics: Candidate Experience

What site activity tells you about a candidate's intentions

Individuals choose to change occupations for many different reasons. They outgrow their positions, want more challenging work, are unsatisfied with their work environment or they might just be looking for a change.

In the past 4 years, the percentage of people open to changing jobs has spiked. Employers are competing for top talent so understanding a candidate's intentions are critical in order to convince candidates to work for your company over your competitors.

In order to win over more candidates pay attention to how candidates interact with your career site to uncover their unique interests and intentions. It's time to get comfortable with your talent analytics because they know your candidates better than anyone and will help you better understand a candidate's intentions so you can wow them.

A career site that allows candidates to search and apply for jobs on any device they choose is a must-have. With 52% of career site visits coming from mobile devices, it's important for your job opportunities to be where candidates are. Most job seekers are employed while conducting their job search so it's likely that they will visit your career site from multiple devices before applying.

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Recruiting has come a long way from newspaper ads to modern career sites. The way job seekers research companies and potential jobs is also evolving. Candidates visit job boards, social media, and read employee reviews all before visiting your career site. Pay attention to where candidates are coming from. This will tell you what candidates are looking for in an employer and prepare you to react which gives candidates a positive impression.

A well-organized career site allows candidates to be the master of their own journey. Your career site should give candidates the ability to narrow their job search by location, skill level, and interests to help guide the candidate's journey toward a fitting position. A candidate's job search history can tell you a lot about a candidate so use this information to recommend similar positions that might be a good fit.

A good fit is important for both employers and candidates. One of the main ways that candidates can interact with a company's culture before being apart of the team is by interacting with in-house employer brand content. That's why a company's career site should be an example of the employer brand. Showcase this content on your career site so candidates can envision themselves in a position at your company.

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Candidates leave clues about their interests and intentions with every interaction they have with your career site. By finding out what matters most to candidates and delivering content and experiences that satisfy candidates' interests, employers can wow candidates.

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