Kristina FinsethApril 05, 2017
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What's Playing On Your Recruiting Soundtrack?

There’s a song out there for every situation, emotion, and special occasion. If you’re getting married, you can find a ton of songs to play for that first dance. The same goes for a bad breakup, a road trip, and everything else in between.

As recruiters, we definitely experience our ups and downs. I can speak from experience when I say there were days I felt defeated, days I needed extra motivation, and some really awesome days where nothing could get me down. Through it all, there was a song I could relate to at each stage of the recruiting process.

Here’s a look at what’s playing on my recruiting soundtrack right now.

1. When I've been sourcing for that perfect candidate, and I keep coming up empty-handed - this song gets me pumped up to keep fighting and pushing forward in my search.

2. This is the song that puts things into perspective. In recruiting, there's definitely no rest for the wicked - especially if you are recruiting for hard-to-fill or highly specialized positions.

3. Ever lost a candidate or client? It's part of being a recruiter, and a little Beyonce will help you realize that it could have been for the better.

4. When it's been a difficult and exhausting work week, I look forward to the weekend so I have some time to regroup, relax, and plan for a successful week ahead.

5. Land a new and promising client or make an offer to a top candidate? Let's seal that deal.

6. When I celebrate a key hire, I want to go out and party a little. Then, once the partying is over - let's get back to business. On to the next big thing.

7. Recruiting dispute with a co-worker? Been there, done that - but it's water under the bridge. Let's move on!

8. Find the right candidate, and don't want to let them go? Keep nurturing them, and maybe play this song for them as part of your campaign to keep them warm.

9. Recruiting can have a high burnout rate. I've felt this way before, and anyone in recruiting has felt this way at some point in their career. Perhaps it's time for a new job?

10. Whether you found recruiting or you're someone who landed into this career field, you are here for a reason. If you love it as much as I do, you've definitely found your place and can relate to this last song.


What's playing on your recruiting soundtrack?

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