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Three Reasons to Attend Skills Day 2023

Everyone is talking about skills. But what’s the best way to get started?

Skills Day demonstrates what’s possible and helps you discover a practical approach for using skills across your organization. This two hour event is for all HR professionals who are looking for specific steps and actions they can take to hire, develop, and retain best-fit talent using skills data.

Here are three reasons to watch Skills Day on demand:

1. Get Actionable Steps to Become a Skills-Forward Organization

Skills have been overhyped, but are under-delivered. Fortunately, becoming a skills-forward organization is no longer a distant dream.

Technology rooted in AI, automation, and experience makes it possible for HR to quickly build a dynamic skills architecture that powers the way talent acquisition and talent management teams acquire and evolve talent, while scaling with your growing workforce.

Skills Day goes one step further to show HR professionals how to actually use skills data to their advantage, providing a roadmap for teams to implement skills at their own organization in order to better attract, retain, and grow talent. Not just another dialogue about why skills are important, Skills Day fills the gap of meaningful content to help companies across all industries go from intention to action.

The Skills Day agenda is packed with everything you need to become a skills-forward organization, covering:

  • The Problem with Skills: Getting started with skills has traditionally been a cumbersome, manual process. Between identifying the right technology, securing cross-departmental buy-in, and addressing change management, the journey to skills nirvana is often abandoned before it’s ever realized.

  • Where Skills Exist In Your Organization: Skills are everywhere, in every organization. Uncovering exactly where skills live is the first step to determining the best path forward.

  • A Solution for Skills: Foundation, Validation & Application: Demystifying the world of skills is critical to identifying the right use cases and technology for your organization. Discover a simple approach for understanding, building, and validating skills ontologies that can be customized for any company.

  • The Real-World Use Cases of Skills: Skills aren’t only for developing and retaining your employees. Discover how a skills-forward approach can be leveraged across talent acquisition and talent management to hire, grow, and mobilize the right employees, while enhancing experiences.

  • Get Started: A Plan You Can Actually Roll Out: So what’s next? To embrace a skills transformation, culture and values evolution is essential. We’ll walk you through a simple framework that covers a painless change management process, how HRIS can integrate skills intelligence within the existing HR tech environment, tips to identify where your organization stands from a maturity perspective, and actions to take next.

2. Understand How Skills Can Be Applied to All Aspects of the Talent Journey

Sixty-three percent of employees leave their organizations because they don’t believe there are opportunities for career growth. For many companies, the methods used to keep individuals engaged are manual and opinion-based. This is because most companies do not have access to real-time data or digital views into employee aspirations, capabilities, or interests.

Skills intelligence technology changes this. Here’s a peak into how a complete understanding of skills can support every stage of the talent journey:

  • TA teams can use skills data to capture and recruit talent with more unique and useful skills, not simply years of experience or relevant certifications

  • Talent management teams can use skills data to analyze current employee skills and gain insight into opportunities to upskill and reskill them as the company grows

  • Employees can use a talent marketplace to see what skills they have, where gaps exist, and how to close those gaps through gigs, career pathing, and more in order to grow at their company

Skills Day dives much deeper into these three areas and shows exactly how this technology can support every organizations’ unique goals.

3. Be at the Forefront of the Skills Technology Frontier

Leveraging workforce intelligence technology that captures skills data and solutions that promote employee development is essential. If you’re not using it to simplify collecting employee data (like skills, experience, goals, gig work, etc.) and inform talent management teams and managers, you could be missing out on easy ways to drive talent mobility and career development throughout your organization.

Skills Day covers exactly what technology is available today and how it can be leveraged to move your skills journey forward.

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Bonus! Complimentary Skills Consultation

We're offering a complimentary skills consultation. Our experts will review a sample set of baseline data for your organization, giving you a preliminary view of what skills, roles, and progressions can be mined together.

We’ll also provide guidance on how to implement and adopt technology that will drive your talent management goals, including:

  • How to rapidly move from the snapshot to a full career architecture

  • The steps you should take to effectively deploy the necessary workforce intelligence solutions

  • How to justify budget and receive executive buy-in for your technology plans

Ready to discover real examples of companies using skills, how to choose the right tech based on your unique needs and aspirations, and a proven approach to unlocking a breadth of skills data that revolutionizes your workforce? Watch Skills Day on demand!

Maggie Blehar

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