Kristina FinsethDecember 18, 2017
Topics: Recruiter Experience

Why December Isn't a Wash for Recruiting Talent

It’s the final month of the year. If you’re like me, I’m gearing up for the holidays while doing everything I can to finish strong for the remainder of quarter four at work.

Even though most of us are attending holiday parties and getting senioritis at work, it’s one of the best months to get things done. More specifically, recruiting gets better in December.

So, don’t throw in the towel and say to yourself, “what’s the point in reaching out to candidates right now?” Instead, take a look at these four very convincing reasons why December is one of the best months to recruiting talent.

Candidates Have Better Availability

There’s this myth that job-seekers have very limited availability to interview during the holiday season. The truth: most candidates have an easier time making themselves available for a couple of reasons.

Candidates have a lot of availability in December

First, candidates are taking off of work early or taking PTO during the holiday season, freeing them up for scheduling interviews for the positions that truly interest them. Second, it’s easier for candidates to not only think of excuses to leave work early or come in late, but their bosses are more apt to be lenient due to the holidays.

Hiring Managers Have Fewer Obligations

With lots of employees taking time off throughout the month, it can make it difficult to get people together in the same place at one time for meetings, training, or conferences.

However, hiring managers are looking to fill vacancies for the new year, and aren’t as easily distracted by the normal demands of management. In this case, it’s easier for recruiters to push a little harder for interview availability.

The Myth of Year-End Bonuses

Since December tends to be when bonuses are paid out, most candidates receiving a year-end bonus won’t want to switch positions right now, correct? There’s some truth, but not exactly.

Year-end bonuses are important, and it would be ridiculous for a candidate to leave before getting that pay-out from their current employer. However, what if their bonus was smaller than expected? Or, what if they just want to stay for the bonus pay-out, but are still looking for new opportunities in the new year?

Bonuses for recruiters during end of year

A lot of companies understand, and will let candidates start after their bonus pay-out.

Hiring Needs Are Still Important

Most companies already know what their 2018 budget looks like, and what talent they will need to seek rolling into the new year. Smart recruiters are planners, and getting a head start on interviewing and negotiating offers for start dates in the new year are a priority to them.

So, instead of slacking on your recruiting strategy this month, take the time to continue engaging with prospective talent. Push your hiring managers to make decisions. Finish out the year strong. With 2018 right around the corner, it’s important to keep pushing toward your recruiting goals.

How do you keep your recruiting momentum going in December?

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