Samantha FinkenOctober 02, 2019
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Why I Can’t Wait for IAMPHENOM 2020

One of my favorite parts of working here at Phenom People is the chance to be involved with our annual conference, IAMPHENOM. With our 2020 event around the corner (March 3–5), I’ve been reflecting on what I love most about the event and getting excited for the next one!

Here are my top 3 reasons to love IAMPHENOM:

1. Hearing from a wide variety of insightful speakers

The coolest thing about working in the HR industry is that our main focus is not technology or process, but people. That’s why every year, our team lines up the most interesting people experts, from happiness gurus to talent management leaders. They speak on topics ranging from how to motivate teams to how to bounce back from hardships and setbacks.

Mahe Bayireddi speaking on stage

I also love hearing from our own CEO and co-founder, Mahe Bayireddi

This year, we’re adding dozens of more speakers to our lineup. I can’t reveal who they are just yet, but I may or may not be coaxing our director to let me meet some of them personally...

2. Reflecting on where we are, and where we are headed

Of course, learning is the biggest reason to attend a conference, and IAMPHENOM is no exception. It’s a great chance to learn from your peers and our Phenom team.

Attendees talking to Phenom staff looking very happy

But that’s so obvious, right? Besides leaving with solid takeaways (such as how to help your team adopt new technology), I think the most valuable part of this conference is having the opportunity to take stock in how your teams work today, and how that will change in just 5 to 10 years’ time. Are you ready? Do you know how to get ready? This event is your chance to ask!

3. Spending time in Philly!

Philly buildings glow blue and pink during the sunrise

Did I mention even the sunrises are gorgeous in Philadelphia?

Have you been to Philly recently? It’s so underrated!

A little side story: I grew up wanting to escape PA, so I spent my twenties and early thirties in Los Angeles. It turned out that once I outgrew LA, I realized I had been sorely mistaken about Philly and the surrounding area. Everything I loved about LA is right here—cool art, great food, beautiful architecture, and people with interesting backgrounds. (Believe it or not, I also started to miss being cozy in the winter.) Now I find myself telling anyone who will listen how they really need to visit Philly—and maybe even move here before it gets too expensive! When you come to IAMPHENOM, I promise we’ll point you to the most interesting spots in Philly.

Everyone has their own reasons to attend a conference, whether it’s to learn something new, network, or test the waters of a new technology solution. Whatever your reason is, you’ll find it at IAMPHENOM.

IAMPHENOM 2020 takes place in Philadelphia from March 3 to March 5, 2020. Get your early-bird discount today!

Samantha Finken

Samantha is in content marketing at Phenom People, where she is passionate about enhancing every talent experience. She also enjoys taking photos, traveling, and bonding with her team. 

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