Shannon McClearyAugust 13, 2019
Topics: Candidate Experience

Why Recruiters Shouldn't Fear Career Site Chatbots

We all love when someone knows just the right thing to say, but when we’re communicating through a screen, that feeling often dissipates. This becomes even more difficult when searching for jobs. Well, there is a solution to this problem: chatbots. A chatbot—aka a conversational bot—is a piece of artificial intelligence that helps users have a more positive experience. Whether it be online shopping or job searching, it creates a seamless experience for candidates.

So many people hear the word “chatbot” (or “bot”) and associate it with the negative impressions the world has today on artificial intelligence. They fear that it will use their information for bad, track their location, and invade their privacy. What they don’t understand is that this isn’t what the bot is there for. The chatbot is there to have a conversation with the user to help them. In our case, our chatbot is able to help us achieve our goal in helping a billion people find the right job.

Chatbots Build Relationships with Candidates...

An AI-powered chatbot is an amazing tool with so much information inside of it. Recruiters have to teach a chatbot new things, but they can rely on the bot to do the manual lifting. This in turn helps recruiters build relationships with candidates. The chatbot is learning how a candidate communicates, what they’re interested in, and what they’re fit for just from the brief conversation it may have with them. If the candidate leaves the career site and decides to come back at a later date, it will remember the candidate and try to help continue their journey.

...And Increase Efficiency for Recruiters.

A chatbot also helps recruiters be more efficient with their time because the chatbot has identified the right talent for them to engage with. When recruiters are filtering through their CRM to look at their candidates one by one, it takes their time away from something else. With a chatbot, they are able to focus their time on building stronger relationships with candidates.

With the help of a chatbot, it is a lot easier for someone without a degree in a technical field to go in and understand the data that a chatbot collects. A recruiter is able to look at where a candidate is coming from, what they are interested in, and much more. This helps them clearly analyze trends and see what information recruiters can use with a candidate. Sometimes chatbots even have a large emotional database so they can look at the communication style of a candidate and respond accordingly.

The Future of AI-Powered Chatbots

This is only the beginning of what an AI powered chatbot is capable of. The future is bright and there is so much more on the horizon. At Phenom, we will soon be able to use AI to deliver relevant information to candidates without the involvement of a recruiter—such as updating a candidate on their application status, scheduling an interview with a candidate who has the right qualifications, sending new content around a particular area of interest, and providing driving directions the day of an interview.

Overall, we hope that when you hear the word “chatbot,” you’ll know that they’re here to help. A chatbot helps candidates to have a smoother process through your application experience.

To learn more about recruiting chatbots, watch our video, 5 reasons chatbots are so effective.

Shannon McCleary

Shannon was a product intern at Phenom People. She studies Applied Data Science, and she has a passion for analyzing data, solving problems, and bridging the gap between creative and technical teams.

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