Kristina FinsethFebruary 19, 2016
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Why the job search is about the candidate

Have you ever heard of candidate experience? Just kidding, we know you have. But do you know what it means?

The type of hiring experience a candidate has with an employer unquestionably affects the future success of an organization's ability to hire top talent, but are candidates really apart of this experience? What's the experience really about? Most recruiters care about their candidates but does this extend to a candidate's quality of life?

Companies need to hire great people to continue to grow but is the job search really about the candidate?

Candidate experience is something that has gone from a nice to have to a necessity. A businesses' ability to attract and retain top talent are critical components that effect a business' growth. Candidates have the ability to control their job search and the current candidate experience is unimpressive to say the least.


A good candidate experience can also evolve naturally through human connection. It's obvious that there are some candidates who recruiters instantly connect with based solely on this instant chemistry. Recruiters will look out for these candidates' best interests and aid them in any way they can, after all, recruiters dream about these candidates - they make your job easy.

Unfortunately building these genuine relationships with candidates is rare and becoming more and more complicated and difficult to establish.

What would you do for a klondike bar?

So how far would you go for a candidate? Think back on the big 'sales' you've made as a recruiter. These experiences have ultimately shaped your perspective and success as a recruiter. These candidates show you just how important your role is and how your role directly impacts the business' success.

Putting in 110% is worth it with these candidates, but you realize it's really not worth it for a majority of job candidates. If recruiters were spending dozens of hours busting their asses for every candidate, they would fail miserably.

Recruiters are always putting their reputations on the line for candidates, but what would you do for the perfect candidate?

why the job search is about the candidate

Nobody likes to fail.

Nobody likes to fail and that's why the candidate experience is about the candidate. When candidates trust recruiters with their careers, they are handing over their 'baby'. Everything they have ever worked for is now in the recruiter's hands. A candidate's hopes, dreams and aspirations all wrapped into 1 resumé.

No pressure right?

Recruiters have hard jobs. Using the right mix of tools and intuition could lead them to a major 'sale' or a major failure...

Victory is sweet.

What's it worth? Everything. To you and your candidates. You want the Klondike bar? Go out and get it. To really close the deal on highly desirable candidates, you'll have to put in the work. You have have to think analytically about candidates but you also have to consider their wants, needs and desires.

Then you have to fight for it.

But why put so much work into recruiting? Because...the Klondike bar. You're hungry, you need this candidate - so prove it. Show candidates that it's all about them. Make them feel confident and inspired to work for you. Show them your value. Make them understand that what you can offer is beyond any other offer they can find.

Mission accomplished.

Finding a new job and making a new hire can be a stressful process. Talent relationship marketing was created to allow recruiters to get the most out of their recruiting strategies and for both recruiters and candidates to get the most out of their relationships. By building relationships with candidates, recruiters can learn about their candidates and will be able to more accurately market and 'sell' the right jobs to the right people.

Why the job search is about the candidate

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