Derek HermanJuly 02, 2018
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Will IGTV Revolutionize Recruitment Marketing?

Think about the brands you follow on Instagram. Why do you follow them? You’re not going on Instagram to tweet at them and complain about a lost luggage bag in hopes that you get a discount on your next flight. You’re following them because you first liked their product. Then the more you saw their posts, the more you fell in love with their branding and ethos. And now you’re a brand advocate. A brand advocate is prime for the recruiter’s picking.

Take a look at the numbers and see just how many followers each company has on their Instagram accounts:

  • Google, 6.7 million followers

  • Apple, 5.8 million followers

  • Target, 2.9 million followers

  • Amazon, 1.4 million followers

  • Disney, 11.6 million followers

  • Uber, 887 thousand followers

  • Nike, 78.4 million followers

These numbers are their audiences, their consumers, their candidates.

Instagram now has one billion users on it’s platform. Coincidence that this coincides with Phenom People’s purpose in helping one billion people find the right job? We don’t think so. That’s one-seventh of the world’s population. Companies, especially those with massive followings, should capitalize on this area, grab attention, and promote open roles.

IGTV Can Tap into These Talent Pools

IGTV launched on June 20th and is prepared to compete against YouTube.

Unlike Instagram stories and posts, IGTV provides a medium where users can post video content that lasts up to an hour. Upon opening the app, a video immediately starts playing by someone the user follows. In order to watch another account’s content, all you have to do is swipe to change the channel. It’s added a whole new meaning to the phrase “flipping through the channels”.

Recruitment Marketing

And unlike YouTube, IGTV is meant for discovery. On YouTube, users search a keyword or phrase and find millions of videos. IGTV is all about browsing and uncovering golden nuggets you didn’t know you would find.

Video is Very Now

Everyone is a potential candidate to work for a company. Social sourcing is a mainstream practice. Why? That’s where recruiters can get candidates’ attention. By 2025, 75 percent of the workforce will be millennials. Millennials grew up on the web starting with AOL Instant Messenger, then graduated to MySpace and Facebook, and now have multiple accounts on just about every social network. Gone are the days of baby boomers looking in the classifieds for jobs. One day, job boards could experience the same fate. Employers have to go where their candidates live - social media.

Brands who are on IGTV can create longform promo videos showcasing their products, services, offices, company cultures, and philosophies. And now, they should take advantage of their candidates gawking at their employer brands and throw in video job descriptions. It’s what we did here at Phenom People.

Engaging video content doesn’t have to be silver screen quality, and that’s the beauty of IGTV’s platform and all social outlets for that matter. Everyday users are creating short films, documentaries, “a day in the life of…”, and the ever-popular cat videos on these platforms.

For the first time ever on my smartphone, I watched a full-length National Geographic documentary about the Earth - 47 minutes to be exact. And then flipped the channel to one of my friends providing her insights into healthy diet options and workouts. As long as the content is relevant and interesting, people will watch especially from brands and accounts they love.

This IGTV craze is in its infancy stage, but understand that video content has been on the upward trend in engaging audiences ever since the first television came into existence. Get those cameras rolling and get on IGTV!

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Derek Herman

Derek leads the Marketing Communications initiatives at Phenom People. He engages with Phenom customers to spotlight their stories in the media.

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