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2022 Wrapped: Talent Experience Live Edition

The Great Resignation. Quiet Quitting. Skill Gaps.

These were just a few of the most memorable HR moments of the last 12 months.

But before we say goodbye to another monumental year, join us as we look back at the most popular clips and episodes of Talent Experience Live

10. Tackling High-volume Hiring — No Matter the Season

Looking at the calendar, it’s always high-volume hiring season somewhere. Almost every industry has peak staffing needs — whether it’s for the holidays, tax preparation, or surges in home improvement. And for some industries, the need is never-ending.    

How can companies with seasonal hiring spikes recruit at scale without losing the white-glove experience? With the right technology, businesses can decrease time to fill for frontline workers to meet elevated staffing needs during peak hiring seasons. 

In this episode, we talked about how leveraging AI and intelligent automation streamlines and speeds up the process while keeping talent pipelines full and engaged year-round. 

Access the full episode and key takeaways here

9. Creating Next-Level Recruiters: This is How We Do It

Between candidate sourcing, interview scheduling, and screening calls, recruiters have a limited amount of time to find the best candidates for open roles. If you were in their shoes, juggling multiple tasks every day, what would you do if you had more time?

On this TXL episode, Ljuba Bogdanovich, Phenom’s Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition, shared how AI and intelligent automation have revolutionized the role of recruiters — streamlining the simpler tasks, and giving them time to focus on what really matters: people.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

8. Helping Veterans Find the Right Job

With their wide range of unique skills and proven adaptability, veterans are fit to achieve success after transitioning from active duty.

Yet attracting, hiring, and integrating veterans into civilian jobs comes with its own challenges — especially for recruiters who never served. Translating the skills obtained in the military to the skills required by prospective employers is critical.

In this collaboration with The Bo and Luke Show podcast, we caught up with Robert “Bo” Brabo, Luke Carignan, and Lisa Jaster, Army Lieutenant Colonel and the first female Army Reserve officer to become Ranger qualified.

Watch the entire episode on-demand and get the highlights here

7. The Disruption of Skills with Layla O’Kane 

The combination of pandemic-driven unemployment, the Great Resignation, and looming recession headlines made it easy to focus on workers as just inputs and outputs within a greater system. But the real game-changer affecting today’s workforce is something we don’t often think about: skills. 

During this conversation with Layla O’Kane, Research Manager at Emsi Burning Glass, we explored how rapidly jobs are changing and took a closer look at new skill disruption trends that emerged after analyzing over 15 million job postings. 

Discover the importance of skills intelligence in this on-demand episode

6. Unlimited PTO: Why the hate? Let’s debate!

Unlimited paid time off sounds like a dream…so why does it cause such controversy? 

During this episode, we discussed the pros and cons of this controversial topic with Nikki Spencer, Director of Business Development at The Starr Conspiracy, and Christine Kensey, Phenom’s Senior Director of Global Organizational Effectiveness. 

Catch up on the entire conversation here

5. DEI&B: How To Build a Culture of Belonging 

D&I. DE&I. DEI&B. The acronyms are constantly evolving, but one thing isn’t. Employees want a high-trust workplace experience for everyone. 

Get insights into how companies can build a culture of belonging that both attracts and retains talent — and ultimately leads to a stronger, more profitable organization — in this episode with HRComputes’ Kristina Kohl. 

During the conversation, Kohl also dug deeper into the acronym, sharing a better understanding of how leadership can drive the “B” in Belonging throughout an organization.  

Read her exclusive insights and stream the full episode here

4. Planting the Seeds for Inclusivity and Belonging with Jorge Quezada

Your investments in employee experience technology, talent mobility programs, and learning and development paths are meaningless if employees don’t feel like they belong at your organization. Creating a culture of growth and mobility for all begins with a strong foundation of inclusivity.

In this episode, Granite Construction’s Jorge Quezada, Vice President of People and Culture, explored ways leaders can plant the seeds of inclusivity, and be more intentional with how we engage, hire, develop, and retain talent.

Watch the full episode and get key takeaways here

3. ChenMed's Hypergrowth Hiring Hacks for HR Teams

Providing a better talent experience is no longer optional — it’s critical to hire, develop, and retain today’s workers. 

In this episode of TXL, primary care provider ChenMed shared how they embraced a recruitment marketing mindset to increase internal and external applies, reduce time to fill, and level employee turnover. 

We also discussed how they successfully built a talent community filled with best-fit talent and automated processes that save their recruiters time and improve the candidate experience. 

Stream this full episode with Ali Schrader, Recruiting Candidate Experience Manager at ChenMed here

2. How Managers Can Build Stronger Relationships with Employees

Managers are the driving force behind the success of individual departments, which trickles down to the company's success. But where do they go to get the training they need to understand how their teams are performing and help them grow? 

In this episode, Jason Lauritsen, CEO and co-founder of Cultivayo, talked about training that liberates managers to cultivate human potential with a more modern and human approach.

Discover his exclusive insights and strategies to better support your managers here

1. We Need to Talk About Employee Mental Health

Three-quarters of every company face employee mental health challenges — which means HR leaders have a renewed responsibility to address workplace wellness in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Organizations that want to stay ahead of the curve and prevent unnecessary turnover have to take a closer look at the support they provide employees regarding mental health and wellness. 

Explore actionable steps organizations can implement to support their employees and their businesses in this episode with Phenom’s Jess Elmquist, CHRO, and Brad Goldoor, CPO. 

Stream the full episode and catch key highlights here

Tune in to Talent Experience Live in 2023

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