Kristina FinsethJune 21, 2017
Topics: Recruiter Experience

You Have to Make Time for These 5 Recruiting Podcasts

I used to commute to work on a train forty minutes one way into Center City, Philadelphia. I spent so much of that time trying to be productive. One of my favorite things to do was listen to audio books or podcasts.

Since I’m a sucker for all the professional and personal development I can get, I thought I’d put together my top five favorite recruiting podcasts (and not in any particular order).

RecruitingLive A part of the RecruitingDaily content mix, RecruitingLive is a great podcast to listen to for some of the latest trending topics in the recruitment space. One of my favorite podcast sessions was when a friend of mine, Christopher Kurtz, hopped on to talk about listening to your candidates to better tailor your conversations based on their unique priorities.

Recruiting Future Recruiting Future is a weekly podcast dedicated to innovation and futurology in recruitment and HR. Brought to you by Matt Adler, each episode contains interviews with thought leaders and practitioners in the industry. Episode 92 is one of my recent favorites, where Matt interviews Jacob Morgan, best-selling author, about employee experience.

The Startup Recruiting Podcast This podcast features best practices from top founders, recruiters, and heads of talent and people – focusing on startup success and hiring the best talent. If you aren’t sure which podcast to listen to first, I really enjoyed episode 6 featuring Aria Finger, CEO at Do Something based in NYC. She talks about building a company that isn’t for everyone.

The Recruiting Animal Coined as the number one show in recruiting radio, the Recruiting Animal hosts a live show every Wednesday at 12PM ET. Always an interesting show, and even if you can’t catch the live show, you can listen to the recordings at any time. One of my favorites features Steve Levy, well-known technical recruiter in the industry, talking about recruiting all-stars candidates.

Fistful of Talent Podcast Although there aren’t a whole lot of recent podcasts, the library of available recordings is valuable. Talking about some of the hottest and trending topics in the recruiting and sourcing space, the Fistful of Talent podcast is super informative and highly entertaining. A favorite podcast of mine is all about posting and praying, one of my biggest recruiting pet peeves.


There are many more podcasts out there to listen to for staying up-to-date on recruiting news and trends. These are just a few of my favorite ones. Have any podcasts to add to the list?

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