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Maximize the Phenom TXM platform

The Phenom certification program doesn't only help you learn about the TXM platform — it also provides training and best practices that are immediately applicable to your role. With dozens of TXM competencies to choose from, you can master your craft, learn new skills, and strengthen your use of Phenom. From talent marketing and conversational recruiting to upskilling and career pathing, find the right path for you!

TXM Competency Certifications

Pick and choose the certifications relevant to you, or get certified in a whole category and become a TXM Power User.



Learn how to fill positions faster and more efficiently. Available certifications: Conversational Recruiting, Recruit Talent with a Chatbot, Building Efficiency as a Recruiter, Critical Role Recruiting, High-Volume Recruiting, Recruiting for Hard-to-Fill Roles, Executive-Level Recruiting


Never let talent pipelines run dry with these Phenom-approved sourcing best practices. Available certifications: Sourcing from the CRM, Sourcing Above the Funnel, Pipelining for Future Needs


Talent Marketing

Create an irresistible employer brand and enhance engagement with campaign and career site design tips. Available certifications: Using the Content Management System, Email Campaigning, SMS Campaigning (U.S. Only), External Career Site Experience, Creating Engaging Content

Event Management

Create, promote, and track engaging events that attract best-fit talent and drive conversions. Available certifications: Events Configuration, University Events, Event Campaigning & Marketing

Recruiter Management

Recruiter Management

Learn how to lead a successful recruitment team to drive efficiency and positive ROI. Available certifications: Managing Recruitment Teams

Employee Experience Management

Engage with internal talent to reduce turnover and fill roles faster. Available certifications: Recruiting Internal Talent


Stay ahead of the curve

Talent acquisition is always evolving. To ensure you’re equipped with the latest best practices and strategies, our team is rapidly creating new TXM certification courses. Check out what’s up next!


Early Talent Recruiting, Virtual Recruiting

Talent Marketing

Talent Marketing Strategies, Talent Marketing for Your Career Site

Event Management

Virtual Events


Manage Your Team with Analytics Insights


Promoting Referral Programs, Managing Job Referrals

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