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Our onboarding philosophy

When it comes to onboarding, we’re defining a new normal. By stacking our team with industry-best Engagement Managers that draw from their in-depth professional knowledge base, you can count on us to keep your needs top of mind, anticipate when these unique needs must be met, and consistently deliver results.

Together with Phenom’s Engagement Managers, you’ll be:

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Your Engagement Manager isn’t just a talent acquisition pro—they’re prepared to adapt to your organization and industry requirements, from finance and retail to healthcare and tech.

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To move through onboarding smoothly and efficiently, you’ll be provided with the education and resources you need every step of the way.

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With any major project comes questions and uncertainty. To ensure you get the most out of onboarding and beyond, you’ll receive a customized framework to support you through your journey. 

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Onboarding your organization to the Phenom TXM platform is a big deal, and we don’t want to downplay that. We also want to make sure your progress is both highlighted and measurable. Engagement Managers will always celebrate your milestones, both big and small.

To put it simply: we’re different

We’re not project managers. We’re not here to check boxes. We’re a team of Engagement Managers backed by years of expertise not only in HR, but in our clients’ industries as well. And we're here to bring you a holistic onboarding experience that focuses on more than just setting you up on the platform.

Realized Value

Realized Value

You’ll see the value of the Phenom TXM platform even before your first user filters a list, sends a campaign, or makes a hire. Engagement Managers will ensure you know when measurable moments of success arise throughout the onboarding process—giving you and your stakeholders confidence and peace of mind.

Accelerated Adoption

It’s often misunderstood that software adoption begins after launch—this couldn’t be further from the truth. Phenom Engagement Managers will share best practices for change management, optimal configurations, and platform education that will set your organization up for maximum TXM efficiency and usage.

Accelerated Adoption
Experience Driven

Experience Driven

We know the way someone experiences an event or process can shape the way they feel about the outcome, regardless of the result. That’s why we take into account your ease of mind throughout the entire onboarding cycle. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just ask. We’ll get things back on track.

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