Augment your team with AI-powered automation

Unlock the full potential of your recruiters and sourcers. Drastically reduce time to hire by automating tasks that waste time and deliver sub-par experiences. From sourcing and scoring to screening and scheduling, Phenom automation streamlines the talent journey.

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Fast track tedious talent tasks with automation.

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Move hiring forward faster and decrease time to fill.

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Repurpose your team’s energy and focus to level up how you hire.

Automated Sourcing

Discover best-fit talent faster

Spend less time digging through a database of resumes and more time connecting with candidates. Phenom AI Discovery automatically surfaces the right candidates for any job by matching skills, experience, previous titles, and location to the requirements of the role. The dynamic Phenom Fit Score helps recruiters and sourcers quickly identify and sort the top candidates.

Phenom Bot

Convert passive talent at scale

Phenom Bot, powered by conversational AI, can connect with job seekers 24/7. Automate job discovery, profile creation, and lead generation for candidates. Phenom Bot helps candidates get hyper-personalized job recommendations and experiences, and gives recruiters more time to build meaningful relationships.

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Phenom Scheduling

Boost recruiter efficiency with an AI scheduling assistant

Say goodbye to endless email threads trying to find an open timeslot. Using Phenom’s scheduling assistant, candidates and recruiters can lean on automation to schedule or reschedule the perfect time for a phone, video, online, or on-site interview. Plus, sync your team’s calendars in real-time with simple integrations.

Video Assessments

Streamline candidate screening with automated assessments

Create and share on-demand video assessments to reduce the amount of time it takes to schedule and conduct phone screens at scale. Leverage easy-to-use interview templates, track interview status, score responses, and share seamlessly with hiring managers and teams.


Engage the right people for the right job at the right time

Relevant jobs and dynamic content are surfaced for candidates as they move through their own unique end-to-end talent journey across multiple channels. Surface the details that matter, including hyper-relevant benefits, location-specific perks, and upcoming events that pique their interest. Plus, drive engagement on job descriptions.

"You can go with four or five different providers, or you can work with one robust solution. Phenom TXM unifies our talent experiences, boosting our efficiency and quality of hire."


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