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Intelligent Automation

Drastically reduce time to hire and enhance the talent experience by automating tedious tasks like candidate sourcing, scoring, screening, and scheduling.Book a Demo

Hire the right fit faster, simply

  • Mitigate Manual Work

    Fast track tedious talent tasks with automation.

  • Quickly Discover Talent

    Move hiring forward faster and decrease time to fill.

  • Find Your Focus

    Repurpose your team’s energy to strategically acquire talent.

Achieve focus and efficiency by automating manual processes

Automatically surface potential candidates for any job by matching skills, experience, previous titles, and location to the requirements of the role.
Product shot of Phenom Automated Sourcing
Convert passive talent at scale. Automate candidate job discovery and profile creation while providing personalized recommendations and experiences.
Screengrab of conversational chatbot messaging powered by Phenom AI
Conduct assessments using video to reduce the time it takes to screen and qualify candidates. Complete with easy-to-use templates, status tracking and response scoring.
Screengrab of video assessment features available within Phenom's recruiter experience platform on a transparent background
Candidates, recruiters and hiring managers can lean on automation to schedule or reschedule the ideal time for a phone, video, online, or on-site interview.
Screengrab of AI Scheduling features available within Phenom's recruiter experience on a transparent background
Engage the right people for the right job at the right time. Run campaigns that surface the details that matter, including benefits, perks, and upcoming events.
Example of recruitment marketing campaign options on a transparent background

The transformational impact of intelligent automation

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