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Interview Intelligence

Automatically record any interview, enabling your team to gain additional insights into candidate responses and improve collaboration between hiring decision makers.Book a Demo

Maximize Hiring Quality

  • Improve Collaboration

    Foster collaboration between decision makers by allowing interviews to be instantaneously shared with colleagues for review and feedback. Make more informed decisions, ensuring that the best candidate is ultimately selected for the job.

  • Run Better Interviews

    Eliminate the need to take detailed notes. Instead, focus on the conversation – boosting efficiency, saving valuable time, and ensuring critical details are not overlooked.

  • Make Faster Hiring Decisions

    Eliminate the need for repetitive interview rounds while also improving the process of interview scheduling.

Enhance the Interview Process With Intelligence

Get better, faster, and more comprehensive feedback from all required stakeholders and share context across multiple interview rounds.
Phenom Interview Intelligence - Record, Review, and Collaborate
Provide interviewers with clear guidance. Detail what questions they should ask. Deliver structured interview guides and let them focus on the conversation.
Phenom Interview Intelligence - Standardized Candidate Screening
Automatically identify biased or discriminating questions, take proactive measurements, and reinforce training with key stakeholders.
Phenom Interview Intelligence - An Inclusive Interview Process
Demonstrate what great interviews look like with live guidance and highlights from previous conversations.
Phenom Interview Intelligence - Coaching and Guidance for Interviewers

Leverage intelligence within your interview process

Improve hiring team coordination and reduce time to hire

Discover how Interview Intelligence prepares your team for meaningful candidate engagements and accurate hiring decisions.Book a Demo

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