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One-Way Interviews

Qualify candidates with speed and confidence using Phenom One-Way Interviews. Streamline the screening process for recruiters, save time for hiring managers, and deliver great first impressions for candidates via video, audio, and text responses.Book a Demo

Fast-forward candidate screening

  • Evaluate with Confidence

    Screen more candidates faster, when it works for you.

  • Optimize Team Collaboration

    Empower managers with tools to meet growing hiring demands.

  • Assess with Consistency

    Apply an equitable approach to screening candidates, at scale.

Flexible options to quickly qualify applicants

Look beyond the CV and simulate the first ten minutes of a job interview to quickly narrow down top talent. Candidates can create a great first impression, taking the opportunity to highlight their personality. One-Way Video Interviews are best for customer-facing, remote, university recruiting, and entry-level roles.
One-Way Video Interviews
Give candidates an alternative screening option to video, helping them put their best foot forward by recording their voice. One-Way Audio Interviews are best for high-volume roles where candidates prefer a streamlined interview process.
One-Way Audio Interviews
Screen for basic job requirements, such as availability, skills, and experience through text interviews. Make use of single choice, multiple choice, auto-scored and knockout questions. Text-based Screening is best for high-volume roles with specific requirements and often combined with video and/or audio questions.
Text-based Screening

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