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A new era of 
recruiting is here. 

The HR Resiliency Playbooks will show you how 
to adapt—and thrive.

HR Resiliency Playbooks

Navigate the new HR landscape

Companies are urgently navigating complex situations: rapidly hiring to keep pace with demand, rehiring furloughed employees, redistributing talent and skills within the organization, and/or planning for recovery while on a hiring freeze.

The following playbooks are here to guide you through the new talent landscape in response to changing market and industry conditions.

Accelerating Virtual Recruiting Playbook

For employers that need to hire now, scaling talent acquisition efforts virtually is necessary. This playbook shows you how to attract, engage and acquire best-fit candidates faster by leveraging strategies including virtual hiring, online interviewing and onboarding, employer branding, HR tech, and more.

Virtual Recruiting
Employee Agility

Establishing Employee Agility Playbook

Reallocating existing employees from stagnant areas of the business to fill gaps in growing or critical sectors allows employers to maintain business continuity and thrive. This playbook reveals how you can mobilize your workforce by establishing an internal talent marketplace that reskills employees through short-term tasks and projects, or gigs. 

Preparing for Talent Recovery Playbook

Organizations that serve as a valuable resource for furloughed and laid-off employees will be better positioned for a swift recovery. This playbook details how you can build an employee alumni community, keep former employees engaged for when you're ready to rehire, and maintain a positive employer brand.

Talent Recovery
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