Build your talent pipeline faster

Make it easier for employees to refer their professional networks to open roles, accelerating your team’s recruiting efforts while contributing to long-term retention.

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Discover quality candidates

Ensure employees can always access best-fit recommendations curated from their networks.

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Reduce hiring costs

Spend less on talent marketing campaigns and other tactics to place hard-to-fill roles.

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Boost engagement

Enable your employees to track success and be recognized for contributing to hiring goals.

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Referral Management

Referrals made easy

Your employees can easily share open job opportunities with their networks by linking directly to your career site or posting on social media.

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A screenshot showing the hiring status of the employee's referral
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Employee Tracking

Transparency at every step

Employees can stay up to date on the state of their referrals by tracking updates within your employee portal.

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Real-time data

View job sharing analytics

See how many candidates your employees have referred in real-time—and more—within the Phenom CRM.

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"You can go with four or five different providers, or you can work with one robust solution. Phenom TXM unifies our talent experiences, boosting our efficiency and quality of hire."


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