Accelerate Hiring and Boost Collaboration with Phenom Hiring Manager

Bye-bye, time to hire. ?

While recruiters and sourcers have access to “power tools” like Phenom CRM, hiring managers rarely experience the ease-of-use and efficiency gains of working in a platform that is custom built for them. Too often, managers are left digging through their inbox to download a candidate’s resume just a few minutes before an interview.

With Phenom Hiring Manager, everything a manager needs to hire the right candidate at the right time is centralized in a single intuitive dashboard. Managers can stay in sync with recruiters, approve or reject candidate profiles, submit evaluations, review assessments, and make key decisions that move hiring forward.

Watch on demand and explore how Phenom Hiring Manager can reduce time to hire and redesign how managers build better teams faster. In less than 45 minutes, you’ll learn how:

  • Companies can redefine their end-to-end hiring workflow, including candidate review & interview management
  • Phenom can empower managers to hire with speed and precision
  • Recruiters can better collaborate with hiring managers while working in Phenom CRM

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Tom Tate
Product Marketing Manager

Suzi Mirchel
Training and Learning Specialist

Brandon Bookatz
Product Manager, Manager Experience

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