Building a High-Volume Hiring Strategy that Increases Recruiter Impact and Personalizes Candidate Experiences at Scale

If you’re hiring hundreds or even thousands of employees a month, you know the strain it puts on your talent teams and hiring managers. What if you could ease that strain and take talent from “hello” to “hire” in just a few minutes — all while maintaining an amazing candidate experience and enabling your recruiters to become wildly productive?
Join Jess Elmquist, CHRO at Phenom as he shares his own story of how his team won the high volume hiring game. Learn about strategies for accelerating volume hiring at scale, maintaining a personal connection with each job seeker, and conveying a strong employer brand that attracts best-fit talent fast.
During the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Assess your talent market priorities and pinpoint hiring inefficiencies

  • Set a strategy to increase recruiter efficiency

  • Hyper-personalize the candidate journey and accelerate time to hire using AI to support accuracy and impact



Jess Elmquist
CHRO and Chief Evangelist

Kevin Grossmam
Talent Board

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