[Live Demo] Discover Top Internal Talent with Phenom Internal Mobility

As companies engage in the great hiring frenzy of 2021, it’s easy to default to searching for external candidates. But failing to engage existing employees can leave best-fit talent on the table or worse — spark an increase in turnover.

In fact, 1 in 4 employees will be looking for a new job as the pandemic’s threat decreases — and of these employees, 72% are rethinking their skill sets. With Phenom Employee Experience (EX), you can ensure that employees looking for a new job are starting with relevant, hyper-personalized recommendations at your organization.

Join us for a live demo on Wednesday, June 2 at 2pm ET and learn how you can use Internal Mobility within EX to build an internal portal where employees can:

  • Discover their next role
  • Find opportunities to gain new skills
  • Explore potential career paths

Plus, see how you can view internal talent directly in your CRM to engage the right candidates, all while decreasing time-to-hire and turnover.

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