[Live Demo] Discover Top Internal Talent with Phenom Internal Mobility

Reduce turnover and time-to-fill by engaging employees directly

Wednesday, June 2 | 2 PM ET

As companies engage in the great hiring frenzy of 2021, it’s easy to default to searching for external candidates. But failing to engage existing employees can leave best-fit talent on the table or worse — spark an increase in turnover.

In fact, 1 in 4 employees will be looking for a new job as the pandemic’s threat decreases — and of these employees, 72% are rethinking their skill sets. With Phenom Employee Experience (EX), you can ensure that employees looking for a new job are starting with relevant, hyper-personalized recommendations at your organization.

Join us for a live demo on Wednesday, June 2 at 2pm ET and learn how you can use Internal Mobility within EX to  build an internal portal where employees can:

  • Discover their next role 
  • Find opportunities to gain new skills
  • Explore potential career paths

Plus, see how you can view internal talent directly in your CRM to engage the right candidates, all while decreasing time-to-hire and turnover.


Tom Tate
Senior Product Marketing Manager


Cristina Mateescu
Senior Product Marketing Manager


Jesus Latorre-Socas
Product Manager


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