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Hiring in a Recruiter Shortage

How BMO is Filling Roles Fast with AI & Automation

The tight labor market isn’t only straining employers that are looking to close talent gaps — it also means there aren’t enough recruiters to recruit in the first place. 

Proactive employers like BMO Financial Group are turning to alternate solutions they can rely on: AI and automation.

Watch on demand as Jeff Scott, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at BMO Financial Group, explores how intelligent candidate matching, automated videos, and integrated HR systems are enabling them to maximize hiring despite the current recruiter shortage. During the webinar, Jeff will take a deep dive into how his team is:

  • Accelerating talent acquisition digitization through AI and automation 
  • Empowering recruiters to serve as talent advisors 
  • Creating a more self-service model for hiring managers

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Jeff Scott
Global Head, Talent Acquisition
BMO Financial Group

Jeff Scott

Benoit Hardy-Vallee
AVP of Talent Experience Strategy

Benoit Hardy-Vallee