Matching Made Easy: How to Create & Maintain Powerful Employee Mentoring Programs 

Mentoring can produce motivation, guidance, and tough love that lead to great success, but responsibilities and expectations of mentoring are shared among the employees and the organization. Only when success is defined for the mentee and the mentor can the partnership become impactful enough to bring about positive change. 

Watch on demand as Trish Holliday, Learning and Leadership Strategist, Educator, and Executive Coach, shares all things mentoring that holds nothing back! You'll walk away knowing the emerging ins and outs of mentoring, hard-hitting issues mentees care about now, and ready to implement a successful program at your company.

While watching, you'll learn:

  • Examples of good — and not-so-good — mentor/mentee relationships
  • What it means for employees to take charge of their careers
  • The differences between agility and resilience — and why it matters
  • Succession planning as it relates to mentoring and preparing for the future 
  • How technology enhances mentoring programs from the very first step


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Dr. Trish Holliday
Founding Partner of Holliday | Kenning
Learning and Leadership Strategist, Educator,
and Executive Coach


Devin Foster
Product Marketing Manager