How To Exceed Your Diversity & Inclusion Goals with TRC

How To Exceed Your Diversity & Inclusion Goals with TRC

Break up silos, build community, and expand your talent pools

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Improving diversity in the workplace doesn’t happen overnight. One place to start? Taking a hard look at where you’re sourcing candidates and expanding your talent pool. 

For Laura Ramey, CHRO of TRC, a leading global consulting, engineering and construction management firm, that meant starting at the beginning and focusing on internal talent. By asking the right questions, creating a roadmap for the future, and investing in the right technology, Ramey has been able to break up silos, build community, and increase early-recruitment diversity by 48%.

Join us for an on-demand webinar as Laura and Kumar Ananthanarayana, director of product management at Phenom, share TRC’s evolving DE&I journey, and learn how to: 

  • Plan actionable DE&I hiring goals
  • Showcase a more inclusive work environment
  • Expand talent pools with university recruiting
  • Retain talent through mentoring and career pathing 
  • Leverage AI to reduce bias in the hiring process

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Laura Ramey

Laura Ramey

Kumar Ananthanarayana
Director, Product Management

Kumar A

Tom Tate
Sr. Product Marketing Manager